This enitre week was a very hectic week for me. I had Clinton Jeff fill in for me. He did great! And will be posting for some time to come.

At the same time WOM World has also shipped the soon to be released Eseries device, the E63, to me for trialling. What perfect timing too!

For the next two weeks I will be trialling the E63 and giving you the low down on it.

Well first impressions on this device are good. Packaging for Eseries as a whole is same. Certain design elements are taken from the cheaper 1 and 2 series phones of Nokia. This phone is a departure from the existing Eseries phones in terms of materials used.

The device on the whole looks good, fit and finish seem similar to the Eseries device I trialled earlier. The keypad is definitely different from the E71 (more about it in the coming posts). The red is definitely an eye catcher. I got quite a few reactions to it, which I will reveal in the posts to come. One thing is for sure, this phone is good to hold, maybe a ‘little’ bit better than the E71 too.

Let me know if there is something you would like me to check out in particular.