At the Nokia World even in Barcelona yesterday, Nokia announced several new Nokia Original Accessories designed to enhance the mobile experience, including a new home music device, a new broadband modem and a new power solution.

Nokia Home Music :


Nokia Home Music is a new music device that brings internet radio, podcasts, and traditional FM radio at the touch of a button. To listen to a music collection, individuals can connect Nokia Home Music to a compatible digital music player, mobile phone or PC. Nokia Home Music can also be played through a compatible home stereo system.

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In addition, Nokia announced the Nokia Internet Stick CS-10 :


The Nokia Internet Stick CS-10, is a new broadband modem that provides fast and convenient access to the internet on a PC or Mac, independent of hotspots and WLAN. With the Nokia Internet Stick CS-10, individuals can browse the Web, check email, send and receive text messages through a PC, simply by plugging it into the USB port of a laptop and connecting to the high-speed mobile network. The Nokia Internet Stick CS-10 requires an active SIM card with data option enabled. For additional information, please visit:

For people who frequently use mobile devices, Nokia also announced a new accessory that extends the power of mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The Nokia Extra Power DC-11 :


The Nokia Extra Power DC-11 provides back-up power with two separate charging connectors, allowing people to simultaneously charge up to two devices any place, anytime. The Nokia Extra Power DC-11 is compatible with devices with a micro USB or Nokia 2mm charging interface, and Nokia 2mm chargers. For additional information, please visit:

Not bad. Personally, I think I could really use the Nokia Extra power. How about you ? Which accessories interests you the most ?

-Clinton Jeff