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The day we played with the Nokia N8

N8 captured in HDR

On the 6th of August, we had the opportunity to be one of the select few to play with the new unreleased Nokia N8, Nokia’s latest Nseries device. This device from Nokia is very much aimed at putting it squarely back in the game.

For the record, the N8 we played with were prototypes and not completely production ready.

So what is the N8? A funny question to be asking since we all know what is the N8. But what is it actually?

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N900 Review: Part-1 — Design

N900 slide out

The QWERTY slides out

N900 is a gorgeous looking device, no I’m serious. Design wise, Nokia has really paid attention to details while crafting this device.

A lot of people out there would probably not agree to this. The N900 clearly borrows from the Nseries design elements – a chrome metallic band across the screen half of the phone. The rear and the sides of the phone are finished in plastic with a ceramic finish. Continue reading

Nokia C5 on sale in India

Nokia much anticipated Cseries phone, the C5 is finally available in India.

The Nokia C5, a feature rich smartphone for the budget concious,will be available from this weekend at Nokia retail stores, on an MRP of Rs.8500.

The budget smart-phone comes preinstalled with Nokia Messaging, Ovi Maps 3.0 with free navigation and Social Networking apps like Facebook.

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Sony Ericsson out new devices, we’re excited!

Today saw Sony Ericsson out some new devices – the X8, Cedar and the Yendo. These along with some to be released devices like the Aspen and  Zylo and Spiro has us excited. These devices clearly seems to be essaying Sony Ericsson’s return to where it belongs. Some of these devices seem a bit dated, but what the overall product line does show is that Sony Ericsson is serious and committed to remain in the game.

The X8 is an Android device with a 3 inch screen device, designed to fill the gap between X10 and X10mini.

X8 - Sony Ericsson

Image courtesy - Fonearena

Here’s what Sony Ericsson has to say about the device in it’s press release –

The Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X8 is a great entertainment smartphone that extends the appeal of the Xperia™ collection to new market segments. The user interface is similar to that of the Xperia™ X10 mini, with the four-corners that give easy one hand use and can be customised for one touch access to your favourite applications. The Xperia™ X8 also includes Timescape™ for easy access to all your social networking and the infinite button for one click access to a world of content. The open Android operating system delivers great smartphone functionality and access to thousands of applications on Android Market

Yendo - Sony Ericsson Walkman phone

Image Courtesy -

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N900 sees light of the day in India, priced at Rs.30639

Well finally it is officially, the N900 from Nokia, it’s first Meamo 5 phone is finally available in India. Eight months after it was released in the US and UK.

Nokia N900 represents the next generation of mobile computing from Nokia. Something which I feel should have happened atleast a year back. But better late than never I guess.

The N900 will be available from next week in India at a MRP of Rs.30639.