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The day we played with the Nokia N8

N8 captured in HDR

On the 6th of August, we had the opportunity to be one of the select few to play with the new unreleased Nokia N8, Nokia’s latest Nseries device. This device from Nokia is very much aimed at putting it squarely back in the game.

For the record, the N8 we played with were prototypes and not completely production ready.

So what is the N8? A funny question to be asking since we all know what is the N8. But what is it actually?

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Of N8s, iPhones and N900s

Wow, things are sure heating up in the mobile phone space. Within a few weeks it’s as if an entire World War took place. This industry is getting very aggressive, bold and downright ugly.

It’s like having one of those Auto wars, Cola wars, PC -Mac wars, Google – Yahoo – Microsoft wars, etc… all at once. A couple of weeks back I penned down my thoughts about Nokia and how I saw the industry moving. With Apple’s announcement just a couple of days back, it seems like I wasn’t that wrong. Things are changing and with Apple’s announcement the process has only caught speed.

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Has Nokia missed the bus?

It’s quite surprising to actually be writing this, I honestly never pictured Nokia would be in such a situation. From being the No. #1 manufacturer making devices that people liked and looked forward to, things sure have changed. It seems things have just gone downhill for them. Now, I am supposed to be biased and stay neutral, but I do have a soft corner for Nokia, it’s my brand of choice.

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First thoughts on the N8

With yesterday’s launch Nokia has finally sought to pacify the voices from many N82 loyalists (me included!) about a phone that could truly vie for the post of the best imaging phone. After the N82, there has been no phone good enough to fill the void. The N86 was a good attempt, but one cannot compare LED flash to Xenon.

The 12MP camera module carries the Carl Zeiss lens and along with it, Nokia has added some extra features which had become a norm for camera phones. Editing on the N8 is also said to be good. These things are a good thing in my opinion and I look forward to getting my hands on a N8 and play with it.

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Nokia N8: Nokia’s new flagship device

Yesterday saw Nokia launch the much rumored and photographed N8. The N8 is a 12MP camera with xenon flash and a large sensor which mimics the ones found on compact digital cameras. with 720p HD recording and an HDMI out along with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound this is a media powerhouse. with 16GB flash memory inbuilt and support for 32GB Micro SD cards and 135MB internal memory the N8 is surely not short on memory to store all your memories. This device is expected to retail at about 400 Euros (370 Euros before taxes and subsidies).

256MB of RAM means that there won’t be RAM issues either. This is also the first handset to come with Symbian^3 that supports gestures such as multi touch, flick scrolling and pinch-zoom. The Nokia N8 is also the first device to be integrated with Qt, a software development environment that simplifies the development and makes it possible to build applications once and deploy across Symbian and other software platforms.

Equipped with a 3.5 inch capacitive touch-screen to enable better feedback and free life-time navigation on Ovi Maps, the N8 is the perfect companion for exploring the world around you.

The N8 is going to be available in a host of new colours, which have never been seen before in the Nseries line up. The five colours are – •Dark Grey •Silver White •Green •Blue •Orange. I liked the orange one, what about you?

We even have videos of the N8 so that you can enjoy this new device.

Unveiling the N8:

N8 UI video: