This goes out as my final post on this blog. It has been an amazing two years running this blog. I learned a lot, made mistakes, met and made friends with a whole hots of other people.

I got the chance to review so many devices, accessories, apps. Over these two years I have been able to form a viewpoint, discuss it, add to it and do so much more. The readers with their comments, the fellow bloggers with their trackbacks and even the emails from everybody greatly encouraged me to pursue this small hobby of mine.

This blog also helped me get my jobs, whether Spice Retail or my current one, it’s this medium and this space which allowed me to speak my mind. it allowed me to craft an identity for myself, it got people to hear me out.

What started out as merely a passing hobby, has today reached an important milestone. On the 17th August, 2010 this blog and me decided to take the next big step and move to a self hosted solution and get hold of our own domain. This new domain – World of Phones.Net is the first step to taking this hobby further. I request you to join me and an ever-growing team at World of Phones.Net, where we will continue to cover the industry with greater depth and greater detail.

From now on all articles will be posted on the new site. This blog will still remain as it is for people to comeback and read the articles here. These articles will be available on the new site as well, but I think it’s best to provide both the options to you, my readers.

World of Phones.Net has its own online presence, and I encourage you to engage me and my team on those platforms as well. Below are the details:




The RSS feed to the new site is also available here – WorldofPhones RSS Feed

I hope to see you all over there 🙂

This blog will no longer allow you to comment, but will definitely allow trackbacks and pingbacks.