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Aditya Singhvi’s phones is World of Phones

This goes out as my final post on this blog. It has been an amazing two years running this blog. I learned a lot, made mistakes, met and made friends with a whole hots of other people.

I got the chance to review so many devices, accessories, apps. Over these two years I have been able to form a viewpoint, discuss it, add to it and do so much more. The readers with their comments, the fellow bloggers with their trackbacks and even the emails from everybody greatly encouraged me to pursue this small hobby of mine.

This blog also helped me get my jobs, whether Spice Retail or my current one, it’s this medium and this space which allowed me to speak my mind. it allowed me to craft an identity for myself, it got people to hear me out.

What started out as merely a passing hobby, has today reached an important milestone. On the 17th August, 2010 this blog and me decided to take the next big step and move to a self hosted solution and get hold of our own domain. This new domain – World of Phones.Net is the first step to taking this hobby further. I request you to join me and an ever-growing team at World of Phones.Net, where we will continue to cover the industry with greater depth and greater detail.

From now on all articles will be posted on the new site. This blog will still remain as it is for people to comeback and read the articles here. These articles will be available on the new site as well, but I think it’s best to provide both the options to you, my readers.

World of Phones.Net has its own online presence, and I encourage you to engage me and my team on those platforms as well. Below are the details:




The RSS feed to the new site is also available here – WorldofPhones RSS Feed

I hope to see you all over there 🙂

This blog will no longer allow you to comment, but will definitely allow trackbacks and pingbacks.

Nokia C3, C6 and E5 launched by Nokia

Yesterday saw Nokia launch 3 new devices for consumers around the world. These devices were in the newly launched ‘C’ series and the successful ‘E’ series. These devices are clearly built around messaging, social networking and IM solutions. In fact they are at the heart of these devices. This was clearly conveyed by the theme – Everyone Connect.

First up is the the C3, which the first S40 based QWERTY device featuring a 1-click access to email and chat through Nokia Messaging. This device is expected to be available in such young colours as hot pink, slate grey and golden white. Equipped with 2.4” screen and a 2MP camera with a large 1320mAh battery and WiFi, you’d expect this to be a slightly expensive device. Well I hate to break it to you, it is expected to cost only 80 Euros (before taxes and subsidies). Yes that will make it the cheapest phone with WiFi. And with 16GB Micro SD card support, it will easily house all your media.

This phone is clearly going to be the volume generator for Nokia.

With the launch of the C3, Nokia has rewritten the rules of the game. at an approx price of Rs.6000, the C3 is expected to be one of the the most feature rich devices. Samsung and LG are sure to follow and introduce devices but it will be a tough task for them to emulate Nokia’s announcement and their potential success with this device.

In fact this device manages to make even the BlackBerry 8520 look like an expensive proposition. Clearly Nokia is gunning at the 8520 and below segment by offering a product that is not only more friendly and cheap but also more good looking and young.

I certainly have a lot of expectations from this device.

Below is a video of the new launched C3.

Next up is the C6 – C6 is the first S60 5th edition device from Nokia. A stripped down version of N97mini, the C6 also features a QWERTY keypad but is a side slide out with a 3.2inch WVGA screen (640 x 360). This device features WiFi, Integrated A-GPS, 5MP camera, 200MB internal memory with Micro SD card support up to 16GB.

The C6 will retail at approx 220 Euros, making it a very affordable device to have. Again rewriting the rules in that segment. With each device, Nokia has ensured that it causes maximum damage to the line up of its competitors.

The C6 will be available in black and white by the 2nd quarter of the new financial year. With this device, Nokia will be looking to reclaim lost ground due to Samsung’s successful Corby line up.

Last but not the least is the E5. This device is the spiritual successor to the successful E63. The E5 looks to be filling in the shoes of E63 with a specs list that makes the E63 it’s grandfather. on board the E5 is WiFi, HSDPA and HSUPA, GPS and a 5MP fixed focus camera. The latter two being two major upgrades. With 250MB internal memory and support for a 32GB Micro SD, the S60 device will have all the features it’s bigger brother E72 has and more. So not only will this device be a much more slimmer and youthful device it will also be a capable work phone. The E5 will be available in 5 colours – Carbon black, chalk white, sky blue, copper brown, silver grey.

The E5 looks like a very balanced device in terms of the software employed and the design as well. It is sure to strike a chord with a lot of people, especially when it is expected to cost only 180 Euros (before subsidies and taxes). This translates into roughly Rs.11000-12000 in India. The Blackberries and Samsungs better make way for the new king.

The E5 is all set to heat up the market in the 3rd quarter and make it uncomfortable for many of the existing players to push their devices through to the consumers.

Here is are two video of the E5 – one is the intro and the second is a demo of the messaging works on the E5. Enjoy!

Messaging on the E5:

These three new device don’t bring anything new to the table, but that is what us techies will say. I personally feel that these devices are exactly what is needed. These devices are focused at one thing – making your communication simpler and easier. These devices are meant for people who want to be able to stay in touch with their family and friends through the many layers of communication. It is a device for the average Joe. as my friend Rita said “…it is democratization of QWERTY, social networking and messaging…”. I couldn’t agree more. These devices signify technology being available to the masses.

Finally – we hear and see signs of the giant waking up from its deep slumber.

In case you want to see these devices, here a gallery full of pictures –

SPB Brain Evolution gets a significant upgrade

SPB Software, a leading mobile software developer, recently announced that the Symbian version of its famous developmental game SPB Brain Evolution has received a major update and now reached version 2.1. The version for Symbian-based smartphones had been released over a year ago to become a significant selling success for SPB Software. The new version brings support for touchscreen-based devices with OS Symbian S60 v5. Controls in version 2.1 were reconsidered to ensure seamless, finger-friendly experience.

SPB Brain Evolution is a set of addictive mini-games which have to be played in sequence: only good results in a game unlock the next one. The game allows hundreds of thousands of users worldwide to improve their mental awareness and maintain their newly achieved brain fitness.

The excercises included in SPB Brain Evolution are Sudoku, Numbers, Arithmetics, Quadronica, Guess Who, Memorica, Encyclopedia, Minesweeper, Matches, Balltracker, Geometry and Pairs, the latter two being new. They help user to exercise such basic mind activities as logic, arithmetic and memory. While the training mode prepares you for the battle the marking mode allows you to register your progress. The game also allows tracking the progress in your personal brain evolution which immediately becomes available in the form of a diagram or a score.

SPB Brain Evolution 2.1 for Symbian Main Features:

  • Support for S60 v5-based touchscreen devices
  • 12 excercises
  • Brain Marking and Brain Training modes
  • A new scoring and progress tracking system
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Share your achievements online via SPB server and Twitter

Pricing and Availability

SPB Brain Evolution 2.1 for Symbian is compatible with Symbian 9.1, Symbian 9.2, Symbian 9.3 and Symbian 9.5. A free, 15-day trial can be downloaded, or SPB Brain Evolution may be purchased for 14.95 USD from The application can also be purchased from OVI store.

You can read more about it and even buy it from here.

Tata DoCoMo ‘Create’ gets Musical


'Do'ing the New!

Recently Tata DoCoMo the upcoming cellular service provider, had started a contest where just about anybody can re-create, re-compose or remix the Tata DOCOMO brand signature tune into a 30-60 second tune.

The result has been a true boon to music lovers. The platform has received over-whelming response so far and the spirit of the ‘DO’ers who believe in their music skills and have the confidence to participate in the CREATE Music contest is admirable.

Recently a music band named “Aurko” from Bangalore, impressed the judges with their creative skills and got an opportunity to perform on the popular show “Music ka Maha Muqabla” at Star Plus.  Their entry had come through the CREATE Music platform’s association with This opportunity was a massive encouragement for other aspiring musicians in India, who might be presented with similar opportunities to showcase their talent through this platform. To hear Aurko’s winning performance, visit ‘’

Tata DOCOMO CREATE platform is India’s first (World’s first too, possibly) to actually employ user-generated creative messaging in their brand communication.

The last day of the CREATE Music Contest for the Online platform is 31st of March, 2010. To participate in the CREATE Music Contest or listen/vote for the numerous entries that have been submitted till date, visit ‘’. The winners might have the opportunity to have their tunes showcased by Tata DOCOMO through Television, Online platforms and other such public mediums.

Nokia C5 launched!

Image courtesy: Nokia's Facebook page

A short while ago we just received a tweet from Nokia with a link to their Facebook page where they have outed the first C series device, the C5.

While there are no details available on the handset as such, Nokia’s page simply states –

We are introducing the new Nokia C5, an affordable smartphone optimized for social networking and sharing. More details will follow.

It is clear that the C5 is an affordable S60 device with refreshed Standby screen, stereo speakers and a 2.2 inch screen.

UPDATE: Nokia Conversations has thrown some more light on the specs of this device. Here is what they are saying. There are also more pictures of the C5 on the site.

The C5 is a smartphone packed into a feature phone body, boasting S60 3rd edition and a host of messaging and social networking features built in. It also boasts a bright 2.2-inch display and a 3.2-megapixel camera. It also comes packing free walk and drive navigation courtesy of Ovi Maps and is ready for messaging with Nokia Messaging built in.

The Nokia C5 boasts a cool new feature in its phone book, where you can see your friends status updates directly from Facebook. You can also update your Facebook status easily and share your location with Ovi Maps 3.0.

The homescreen will show off your favourite three friends for easy access to calling and messaging whilst Nokia Messaging enables you to keep in touch on IM using Google Talk or Windows Live Messenger.

Storage is the mircoSD variety with support for up to 16GB cards – the Nokia C5 will come with a 2GB card in the box, plenty of room for storing music and with the built in stereo FM radio and 3.5mm AV connector, not to mention the Stereo IHF speaker, it should sound good too.

The device is small too, measuring just over 12mm thin and 46mm across (and 112mm high). Battery life is good for up to 12 hours talktime (GSM) and it’ll stay on standby for a whopping 26 days between charges.

Available in white and warm grey, the Nokia C5 will be available in the second quarter of 2010 globally in Europe, Eurasia, SEAP, China and MEA. The anticipated retail price, before applicable taxes and subsidies is €135.