handcase_panelHandcase a company that makes applications for Palm phones (running the Palm OS) has decided to go in the direction of Symbian. This means that around 316 applications of Handcase will soon be supported on the Symbian platform.

Handcase has been evaluating for some time, the migration of its extensive portfolio of software and games for other mobile platforms. When asked why Symbian? “Why because, it is the largest platform in terms of users and the integration of all versions of Symbian, a integrated version proposed by Symbian Foundation, reducing the cost and time for the migration. And users of Symbian, may have many choices of software and games of quality, it has already recognized for Palm.” Ricardo, director of Handcase explains.

But please be patient, since the company has about 316 applications in various segments, porting all of them will not be an easy job, it will require a little time.

I have had a look at the segments it has applications and all i can say is that the list is long and some of the applications have not been designed for the S60 yet! (Medical softwares especially) I think this announcement will definitely solve Dotsisx’s concerns to a large extent.

So does this mean that support and development for Palm products is over? Handcase has assured us that they will be supporting the Palm OS and will be releasing more products for Palm OS soon.

Welcome aboard Handcase!

I’ve also uploaded panels for each segment Handcase is present in. Each panel has some softwares which Handcase sells through its site. This way you will know what kind of softwares Handcase is going to port.