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We are a year old!

1 This post comes in a little later than it should have (ok a whole lot later!) but since I’ve been busy shifting my base it’s been a little hard to get some blogging done. I know I have the N97 and the E75 with me, but it’s more about finding time than anything else.

It was on the 7th of July, 2008 that I decided to start blogging about phones. A couple of days prior to this, my girlfriend had told me that she had begun blogging and that I should start too. it was her insistence which led me to start a blog. the question at that time was ‘What do I blog about?’ and as I said I thought about phones. I had been following them for a a couple of years and I thought that I had gathered enough knowledge about the industry to have my own view point.

So I began, with a humble post about my experience with mobile phones. I was a regular reader of Darla’s blog and Symbian-Guru amongst a whole lot many. Ricky Cadden a.k.a The Guru gave me a few tips (I’m sure he doesn’t even remember! lol!) about getting in touch with WOM World for trial devices. I contacted them and it wasn’t until a couple of months later that they mailed me asking if I would like to trial the E66. I was overjoyed!

It would be the first of many trial devices I would get from WOM World. My relationship with the warm people at WOM World(no pun intended here!) grew and they kept on sending me devices after devices against my requests (E66, E71, E63, N96, N85, E75). And today here I am, taking part in a global contest of ‘Teach the Technophobe’, You can read about it here.

Thank you so much WOM World and all the people I have interacted with, you guys are really great!

During this time I came across another person’s blog. He had used the N80 just like me and although he had upgraded faster than me, his story seemed similar to mine. This blogger was none other than Clinton Jeff of ZomgitsCj. Over the years I became a regular visitor to his blog and in time we became very good friends. In addition to the many blogs he wrote for, Cj would help me out by putting up blogposts on topics when I could not blog due to my rigorous MBA schedule. We would (we still do!) catch up online and have some of the most interesting and intellectually stimulating conversations about mobile phones and the internet. It was uncanny, how we would have almost identical view points.

Thank you Cj for all the help and support you have given to this blog and me. If it weren’t for your contributions (posts and chats), this blog would not be where it is today.

Another person I must thank is Ravindra Dissanayake. Ravindra till last year was writing for Symbian-Life Blog. I used to love his articles, always simple, lucid and packed with content. This prolific blogger (in my eyes at least) went on to create Symbian Stories, before he vanished to Australia for further studies (I hope you and your wife are doing alright mate!). Around then, Meraj of Phone Report V2.0 offered me a position at Phone Report V2.0 and I accepted. Ravi also requested me to take over the reins of Symbian-Life Blog, I would then start blogging on three different blogs. But I must admit, it is indeed difficult to fit into Ravi’s shoes.

Thank you Meraj and Ravi for giving me such wonderful opportunities and allowing me to become a bit wiser. Thank also for all the guidance and support you continue to give to me. I am indeed thankful to you guys for putting me on the path of growth.

Carlos, a regular visitor on both the blogs (this one and Symbian-Life Blog) also helped out in times of stress. He would write a few articles for me on this blog, when I was trying to set myself with all the blogs I was writing for. Thank you so much Carlos for helping me out in times of need. I hope you still visit this blog! 😛

Mike Macias, I would like to thank you too for being a great person to look up to. Your N82 blog in many ways is like the Bible for N82 users. I have always received support from you, no matter how big or small the issue. Also if it weren’t for you, I would have never bought this great netbook I have now.

All of these people and many more have played a very important role in developing this blog in their own ways.my readers and all the people who have commented. All the websites and blogs that have linked to this blog and those who I have linked to.

The S60 Ambassadors Program also provided me a lot of opportunities to meet some great bloggers and hear their story and give me a wider perspective of the S60 platform. Various forums like Symbian-Freak forums, Howardforums, and many more provided loads of knowledge about S60, and it’s quirks.

The high point of this first year came when I was invited to the N97 Blogger Meet, in Gurgaon where I met Axel Meyer and got to play with the N97 way before it was launched. Along with this WOM World invited me to be a part of a global campaign ‘Teach the Technophobe’.

I also want to thank D3x, Rita El Khoury, Varun Krishnan, Vaibhav Sharma for everything. Listening to your rants and passion for phones has always been inspirational, I hope I can reach the same place where you are today.

This blog has also been instrumental in me getting a job at Spice Retail Ltd.

So as I celebrate the completion of one year of this blog I want to thank all the people who have contributed to the success of this blog. I want to thank all the software manufacturers for trusting me and giving me an opportunity to review your applications, also Nokia for having me review your devices. I also want to place on record my gratitude to all the readers, fellow bloggers, friends and my family for all your support. Thank you everyone!

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How to Configure ‘Messaging’ on your E75

Screenshot0001Having received the E75, I have been wanting to configure the Nokia Messaging, which was supposedly built into the phone’s OS.

But it wasn’t meant to be. Since the 18th till a little while ago, I had a lot of problems making the application work like it should. Firstly for some reason I was directed to the native client of the E75. This client was absolutely pathetic and does not work properly. Inspite of giving intervals of 5 minutes between two syncs, it would not sync. I would have to manually fire up the synchronization process and that also did not work properly. If it did manage to download the email, the notification would not go off. There were all sorts of problems with this phone, so much so that I had absolutely given up on this device. I wrote to everybody, asked all my blogger friends (thanks for all the help guys! I really appreciate it!) even put it on Nokia’s discussion forum. But nothing.

Let me tell you, that Nokia’s native client for email sucks big time. I absolutely hate it. Now you must be wondering, how do I know what am I using? Well, it’s simple really.

1. Go to the ‘Email’ icon on your phone’s menu, there select ‘Settings’ and in that you will find ‘Global Settings’ and the settings for your email box(es). Just select any mailbox and if you see ‘Mailbox Settings’ and ‘Account settings’, then you are definitely using Nokia Messaging and not the old native client.

If you find none of the above settings, it means you are using the native client and chances are it is not at all working properly. If in case you are wondering, what to do? Worry not. Below is what you need to do to get your mailboxes working on Nokia Messaging. This is a step by step guide of what you should do.

[The portion in yellow color are the precise steps, the writing in bold are my observations when I tried them on the E75.]

The highlighted icon would appear to be the new Email/Messaging client.

I suspect you’ve ended up with a configuration where the service initially failed or timed out somehow and ended up configuring the native client as a default.

Not sure if the following steps will work for you but this is what has worked for me in the past.

1. Uninstall Nokia Messaging using the Application Manager. (It is a 1kb file)

2. Reboot (power cycle) the phone

3. Uninstall Nokia Messaging’s left over bits using the Application Manager

4. Reboot the phone.

5. Sign up afresh at the Nokia site: email.nokia.com with a working gmail id.(In case you have an account on ‘www.email.nokia.com’, just log in with that on the PC)

6. Ask the website to send you an SMS with the client download URL. This is important, and made a world of difference to me (I did not have to open the message, the phone automatically started the Nokia Messaging setup for me and asked me for my password of ‘www.email.nokia.com’ account.)

7. Fire up the phone client. Hopefully the initial gmail id you specified in step5 works. Play with it.

8. If it works, start adding other email ids using the phone client.


That’s it. This is all you need to do to get all your mailboxes working like you want them to. Remember the minimum interval time in this application is 10 minutes. The phone automatically syncs with your mailbox and alerts every time there is an new email in your mailbox.

These steps were put up on a Nokia Discussion Forum thread, where I had shared my mailbox woes. ‘sanjaymehta‘ a member on the forum posted his comment which gave precise steps on how to make Nokia Messaging work on the E75. I tried them and it worked!

Now my only questions are, Why has this not been put up so prominently anywhere, either the manuals, online, etc.? What was Nokia thinking, when it conveniently omitted to put this information in the hands of the users of the service and phone?

I think it was extremely ‘unprofessional’ to do this act. It is ironic too, the business phones meant for ‘professionals’ had this problem. I had almost written off this device if it were not for sanjaymehta‘s help.

Please make the changes Nokia to all your manuals and other refernce material and even the in phone help or endure the bad publicity for your brilliant device.

The E75 is in da house!

If you have been following my twitter feed, You must’ve read that I had something big lined up. Well I can’t tell you just yet what it is, but what I can reveal to you is that it revolves around the E75 or rather two of them.

So with great pleasure let me announce to you that I have not one, but two E75s in da house! Don’t worry this is not some statement made in drunken stupor.

The E75 as you know is supposed to be a successor to the 9300 Communicator in a way. It is the next step in the Eseries. Stay tuned to this blog as I give you a complete in depth review of the E75.

Here is the unboxing of the Nokia E75.

Caution: This is no ordinary unboxing so watch the entire thing!

Here are also some photos, clearly showing two E75s


180620091188Click on the photos to see the full size.

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MWC 2009: What went down there (part-2)

After the Navigator series, it was the time of the Eseries. This is where lay perhaps the biggest stash of fireworks to be displayed. Nokia launched two new Eseries phones. The first one being the E75. Now this device was leaked quite some time back, so there weren’t too many surprises for its launch, but it was a moment everyone was waiting for with bated breath.

nokia-e75_black_05a-300x299The Nokia E75 is a side slider with a full QWERTY keypad (remember the HTC S740, same form factor) with a 2.4″ QVGA screen with 16.7 million colours. This is the first Eseries device to support N-Gage gaming.

nokia-e75_red_03b-300x299The E75 will have a reported 11 days standyby time and 5.4 hours of talk time on a single battery charge. the 1000mAH Lithium Polymer(BL-4U) battery will not only make the E75 lighter but also better. Camera is a almost standard 3.2 Megapixel with autofocus allowing VGA vidoe recording. HSDPA is standard in this new Eseries beauty (111.8mm X 50mm X 14.4mm). The E75 will come with Nokia Messaging – mail and IM client out of the box. It is scheduled to ship next month at a price of 375 euros (approx $ 475, Indian Rs 23,000).

Oh and just in case you have fallen for the E75, you can preorder it. Just click http://europe.nokia.com/preorder and if you are from one of the countries mentioned there, you can preorder it.

nokia-e55_black_f-133x300Next up was the ace in Nokia new line-up of phones, the E55. This was one device that nobody expected or even had the slightest idea of. The E55 easily overshadowed all its brethren from the different categories. The E55 is the thinnest S60 phone ever! At just 9.9mm it’s setting a benchmark for the slimmest smartphone.


nokia-e55_white_so-300x43And it that was not enough for you, this device features a half QWERTY ala BlackBerry Pearl. The E55 will run the S60 V3 with FP2. It will sport a 3.2 Megapixel camera. The Nokia E55 also includes a predictive engine that will be able to suggest word completions, error completions and automatically learn new words. It will also boasts full access to Email, Calendar and Contacts with direct access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. Sound quality is also enhanced over previous Eseries devices with new noise cancellation technology.

nokia-e55_white_ftq-130x300 If all that wasn’t enough to make you want it, then may be this will, the Nokia E55 offers almost one month of standby time (28 days to be precise) with a 1500mAH BP-4L battery. The Nokia E55 will also have N-Gage platform available to it. This means that you can shoot those zombies, while preparing that important client presentation in office!

The E55 will also offer A-GPS, which means Ovi Maps will be there in it. It is expected to be available in Q2 2009 for a price of 265 Euros (approx $335, Indian Rs 16,500) unsubsidized.

E75 pictures leaked

A member at Mobile-review forums, Mirrorofsorrow has managed to post some real kick ass photos of the unreleased E75! The phone is compared to the ‘tube’ i.e. 5800 Xpressmusic. A look at the photos will show you how the phone looks and give a rough idea about the dimensions.

I think its high time, Nokia started to move about in terms of the handset designs. From bars, it is slowly moving into clamshells, sliders, touchscreens, and this now. Looking at it I’m reminded of the baby communicator(9300) that was sold before the communicator (9500) came into the markets. This phone also looks to be something like that; a phone for someone who wants a bigger keys than what the E71 or E63 offer yet not something as bulky as the E90. I hope that it is positioned in between the E71 and the E90.

Some specs for the E75 that I could get hold of:
A 2.4 inch screen, 3.2mega pixel camera with single LED flash, WiFi.

What do you think? Do you have some lowdown on the E75?