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And the winners are………

We’re sure everyone who participated are clamouring to know who won the 16GB Micro SDHC cards we were giving as a part of our 2nd year celebrations.

We won’t keep a lot of suspense….. View full article »


Before we announce the winners!

As you know we had a little giveaway this past few days and you had till yesterday midnight to take part in it and win a SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC card from us.

Well, we had a great response from you, we got a lot of wishes from you all and we thanks each and everyone of you for wishing us.

For a chance to win one of the two 16GB Micro SDHC cards all you had to do was to post this as a comment on the post or on our Facebook page. – “Happy Birthday, now gimme my 16gig card!”. Entries with this slogan in the comments or on our facebook page qualify as valid entries. And it was just one entry per person! So no matter how many times you must have posted, you’d still be counted as one entry for one 16GB Micro SDHC card.

Before we announce the winners we thought that we’d get a few things clear so that you know how we are going to be doing this.

1. All valid entries will qualify for the first round in the randomizer.
2. Second round will not include the name of the person who won in first round.
3. Winners have 48 hours to provide us their postal address and contact details, failing which the next person in that list will get the prize.
4. The Micro SDHC cards are original SanDisk cards in retail packaging (Indian) and they will be mailed upon receiving your contact details, etc.
5. Please have relevant documents prepared and provided to me(if applicable) so you can receive the shipments in your city/state/country.

Best of luck! 🙂

We’re two and we want to celebrate it with you!

Yesterday, this blog turned two and we promised you something exciting! A few hours ago we even let you know that the giveaway is going to be – two 16GB Micro SDHC cards from Sandisk!

Yes we’re giving away 2 of these 16GB cards to two different individuals. So what’s the catch? You might think… You just have send us this message. View full article »

We are two!!!

We are two!!! A lot has changed since then. The last time I celebrated a birthday for the blog, Nokia had just launched the N97. It was supposed to be the mother of all devices from Nokia.It seemed that Nokia was poised to takeover the world.

In between that and today, a lot has changed. Nokia and its fortunes have changed for the worse. Samsung, Apple and BlackBerry have emerged as the new top dogs.

It was also the year when I thanked Ricky Cadden aka Symbian Guru and Darla Mack and many more who I did not name. This time let me name these people – Rita El Khoury, Micky Aldridge, Varun Krishnan of, Dhruv Bhutani, Yash Maheshwari who has recently joined I would like to thank all the others who I am forgetting to mention.

Clinton Jeff and Vaibhav Sharma thanks so much for all those conversations over the internet and in person. You’ve certainly helped me grow in terms of my knowledge.

WOMWorldNokia – You guys rock! I’ve had nothing but joy in interacting with you. Everybody in the office is passionate about their work.

A lot has changed since the last birthday for this blog too. The theme has changed, there is a facebook page. I’ve also started writing a little less, work hasn’t allowed me to put in as much time. I’ve also started branching out to some editorial stuff. It no where as good as what the more established bloggers are writing, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon.

There’s one person I have to thank – you the reader. This blog is nothing without your visits, your comments, your views. I am thankful to you for giving me the encouragement to continue this far.

The manufacturers and the app developers, Thank you to you too for providing me with the devices and apps to review. You have been supportive with my views, taking in the positive comments and paying attention to my negative comments.

To celebrate these two years, I have some things planned. A small giveaway, details of which I will let you know soon enough.

Update: I must also thank Bloggers’ Mind. Everybody there are just as hardworking as WOMWorldNokia! Thanks for being with this blog in terms of your support and belief.

But for now I’d just like to say we’re two!!! Happy Birthday to us! 😀

The N900 in pictures

So you’ve seen the unboxing of the Nokia N900. It’s a fascinating device. The looks are distinctive and it certainly is not a phone cum PC, rather PC cum phone. I thought of bringing you a picture gallery of the Nokia N900 so you can have a look at it and everything that’s inside the box.

N900 in retail packaging

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