Guest post by:  Phoenix Training

If you have been considering an iPad for business use, but have been wondering if the iPad is a serious business device, then consider these five apps:

1) Keynote

Keynote is part of the iPad version of the iWork suite that OS X users have had access to for the past few years. Keynote has proven to be one of the best iWork apps on the iPad for a few good reasons:
·         Presentations can be easily created and edited, though the options are not as extensive as those offered by the OS X version of Keynote.
·         The A4 processor manages to handle animations and integrated video without a hitch.
·         Compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint files makes Keynote a very useful tool, though some complex graphics and formatting options are not supported.

2) Pages


Pages is the premier word processor for the iPad, and the larger keyboard that comes with the extra screen real estate is well-appreciated. Just imagining document creation/editing on the iPhone is probably enough to send any business person into fits, but the iPad’s larger keys make it a passable document editing and creation platform.
Compatibility with Microsoft Word .DOC and Adobe .PDF standard makes sharing with non-iPad/OS X users a lot easier.
·         Spell-check is a nice feature, but the grammar checker is still MIA.
·         Formatting options are surprisingly robust for a mobile device, including graphics, spreadsheets, bullets, fonts, and more.

3) WebEx Meeting by Cisco
Cisco’s free online meeting software is fairly impressive on the iPhone, but it looks better with the extra screen size of the iPad.
·         Share and collaborate on documents in real time.
·         VoIP technology makes good use of the iPad’s integrated speakers and microphone.

4) Tweetdeck
There is actually a custom iPad version of Tweetdeck available that makes using all of those extra pixels possible. Here is what the iPad version of Tweetdeck has to offer:
·         Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts from one unified interface.
·         Seamlessly switch between WiFi and 3G as necessary.
·         A column layout allows easy tracking of tweets from friends, co-workers, followers, and more. Staying connected on the iPad is a lot simpler than it is on the iPhone thanks to the extra screen space.

5) Numbers

Slightly easier to use than Pages, but not quite as intuitive as Keynote, the spreadsheet app from the iWork family has also found its way to the iPad.
·         Compatibility with Microsoft Excel files makes sharing all but the most complex and visually complex files simple.
·         The iPad’s A4 is actually a competent number cruncher, and does a great job dealing with even larger spreadsheets.
·         The included graphs are very sharp looking, but it would be nice if a few more choices and customization options were included.
·         The overall lack of printing still holds the iPad back in many ways, but otherwise the platform does a reasonable job of handling basic tasks.