Wow, things are sure heating up in the mobile phone space. Within a few weeks it’s as if an entire World War took place. This industry is getting very aggressive, bold and downright ugly.

It’s like having one of those Auto wars, Cola wars, PC -Mac wars, Google – Yahoo – Microsoft wars, etc… all at once. A couple of weeks back I penned down my thoughts about Nokia and how I saw the industry moving. With Apple’s announcement just a couple of days back, it seems like I wasn’t that wrong. Things are changing and with Apple’s announcement the process has only caught speed.

Now with the dust settling down slowly, I think it’s time to look at things a little more objectively. If you are looking at reading a comparison of sorts, then this ain’t the post you wanna read.

Nokia’s position is clearly shaken and everyone including Nokia knows that, to tackle it they are betting big on a plethora of low end devices and the N8 and N900. Apple on the other hand has just launched the successor to it’s iPhone 3GS. From the looks of it, it’s just what the market needed. The iPhone has addressed a lot of things that detractors and fanboys have stated as things lacking. A faster processor, a better screen, multi-tasking, better camera, HD recording, HSDPA, etc…

Yes it does have a few things missing and Nokia has had these things for so long that it cannot be even called revolutionary. But honestly the iPhone is revolutionary. it represents Apple’s first ‘I-MEAN-BUSINESS’ look towards this industry. it represents Apple conformity to the mobile phone market of sorts. Finnish telecom giant, Nokia’s new N8 does seem well equipped to take on Apple and maybe even better equipped. And if you are a geek, the N900 probably trumps it all. Apple has answered most of the questions raised by the critics. I must admit, the iPhone has impressed me a lot and I am most interested in how these two juggernauts will fight each other. Android is the third piece of this puzzle and it might have to up it’s game significantly to counter the next wave of technological leaps, something it can do thanks to its owners, Google.

The N8 represents, according to me, Nokia’s last effort with Symbian as the flagship device (I won’t take into account Symbian^4, as it will definitely change the dynamics of the game) and MeeGo represents Nokia’s desire to move out of the handset business and venture into greener pastures. The N900 is pretty much an experimental product just like how iPhone has been so far. A device that is exciting but poised to be a failure. Surprised? well, let’s be honest, the N900 is by far one of the best products that Nokia has had, by not pushing this enough and not finishing the development of some parts of software, it is doing more harm than good. This phone has the potential to change Nokia’s image in the eyes of the customer, but this can be possible only if Nokia lets this phone live. The N8 again is pretty much on the same boat. Without being able to upgrade to S^4, the N8 might just fade away.

These two devices represent a lot of things for Nokia and it would do them well, if they supported this product and kept them alive coz the iPhone is gonna only increase the cut-throat competition and makes it that much difficult to push sales of all those high end devices.

The N900 represents a niche that is being approached and explored only now, Nokia has a wealth of experience here, thanks to the N800, time to capitalize on it and take the leap and jump ahead of everybody else!

The N8 is Nokia’s desire to be associated with ‘THE-BEST-SMARTPHONE-FOR-EVERYONE’ tag.  A tag which can’t just be claimed by hardware specs. While the N8 will challenge all the regular smartphone OSes. The MeeGo is meant to take on the like of iOS4, Android and possibly Windows 7. Sounds funny doesn’t it. well with the smartphone market fragmenting, it only makes sense to engage at two levels with two distinct sets of weapons.

I might be wrong out here and may have a lot of you stating your own points of view. It’s not necessary that we agree. But I’m sure you will agree to the fact that Apple has changed a lot of things. Nokia through it’s devices, the N8 and the N900, are equipped to take this juggernaut on, now all we need is someone listening to people and bloggers, Nokia!

The N900 is well poised to show how things are done and probably challenge Apple, but in the long run, to fight Apple you will have to become Apple. The N900 and MeeGo represents another alternative of communicating and doing things while Apple represents the other. Who will emerge victorious? Your guess is as good as mine!

Either ways, best of luck to both of you… may the customer triumph!

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Here’s a few videos of the devices too…

The iPhone4

The N900

and the N8

So which is your poison???