With yesterday’s launch Nokia has finally sought to pacify the voices from many N82 loyalists (me included!) about a phone that could truly vie for the post of the best imaging phone. After the N82, there has been no phone good enough to fill the void. The N86 was a good attempt, but one cannot compare LED flash to Xenon.

The 12MP camera module carries the Carl Zeiss lens and along with it, Nokia has added some extra features which had become a norm for camera phones. Editing on the N8 is also said to be good. These things are a good thing in my opinion and I look forward to getting my hands on a N8 and play with it.

The capacitive touchscreen is exactly what the doctor ordered and I am delighted to see this change. Resistive screens were good but I’ll be truthful and openly state that the resistive screens on the Nokia devices I have played with are absolutely not that great, barring of course the N900 which was the best resistive touchscreen till date in my books.

The N8 has a modest 16GB of flash memory and 135MB of phone memory. This again is somewhat of a mixed blessing. 135MB means that there should not be issues with the phone memory running low. 16GB is a downgrade from the standard 32GB (this has been obviously done to keep the selling price in reach of everyone). How this plays out is something that you will have to wait for. Some might be happy with lesser memory and some not. Fret not though, you will be able to add up to 32GB of memory via the Micro SD card slot. 256MB RAM is what the device will have, finally RAM will not be an issue on the flagship device. It’s a bit sad that the N97 missed out on this important bit.

The N8 also comes with free lifetime navigation via OVI maps, this is a standard feature now for high-end Nokia devices and a feature that I honestly like a lot. WiFi also has been upgraded with support for the ‘n’ band – a good thing for sure…

I also think the HDMI out will be a great USP for this phone in Europe and the States, in India I don’t think this will add brownie points to Nokia’s marketing effort. Nevertheless it’s a good add on and a step in the right direction.

On the battery front the 1200mAh battery is a big downer. To top that a non-removable type means that one cannot put in another battery if the 1200mAh runs out of juice. I am a bit disappointed by this approach.

The N8 will run on a 680Mhz processor based on the ARM11 architecture which is actually a last gen architecture. This might seem a bit sad that the N900’s Cortex processor was not put to work here. But I’ll reserve my views on it till I lay hands on the N8.

One of the most interesting things for the N8 is the fact that it is the first phone to feature the new Symbian^3 OS. How efficient this new version is over Symbian^1 remains to be seen. But with Qt being fully integrated, expect a lot of apps to be available. The above video shows how the menu looks and how easy it is to organize apps.

Nokia Conversations has even put up a few untouched images clicked with the N8. And they look pretty neat!

On the whole, the N8 did not overwhelm, but what it does is leave a good taste. It’s not path-breaking and revolutionary. The N8 is just the kind of phone or product Nokia needs to get customer back to its fold. A device that does what it is supposed to and does it exceedingly well, like the N82 – a no nonsense device. If The N8 is successful in doing that, Nokia has a winner!

The N8, if you ask me, is just what the doctor ordered. I personally feel Nokia would benefit if it did hear us bloggers more often. We also know a few things about cellphones and people. I look forward to the N8 being released in India. It definitely will be a device to have.

Here are some more N8 videos for you to enjoy:

Media Library –

HDMI Out on the N8 –