With the design part of the review of the 5233 over, let’s focus on the lighting aspect of the 5233. The 5233 as we all know is a screen centric phone, i.e. it is dependent heavily on the touchscreen for input and output. This obviously makes it an important factor for obvious reasons.


The 5233 has the same screen as the 5800, N97mini and the 5230. The brightness on the 5233 is pretty good. One really does not need to crank it to max brightness. At 50% it is more than sufficient and gets the job done wonderfully. Sunlight legibility isn’t it best strength and one may find that a bit bothersome. Rest assured, this phone’s backlighting is not going to be a cause of worry for anyone using this phone. 9/10 for providing good screen lighting without hampering the battery life.

Keypad Lighting:

There really isn’t a keypad on this phone, but there are three keys which are back lit and that is a big plus point considering that Samsung has stopped equipping these devices with this standard feature. The menu, call and end keys are well lit and at no point in time will the person have any problems in finding these keys. 9/10 for this standard feature which has suddenly become a ‘luxury’!”

Notification Light:

For a entry level phone, I really wasn’t expecting a notification light feature, but Nokia has gone ahead and added that feature to the 5233. Since the ‘menu’ key is really small and has a very small lit up area,  it is quite possible for one to miss out on those notification lights, I sometimes did miss out on them and for a brief period I did think the feature did not work. I guess a different colour LED would have been a better idea and also maybe putting it on the top of the screen would have been an even smarter one, a white light on a white background is not easily visible. 6/10 for the notification light, but it can be improved upon in subsequent iterations.

Stay tuned as we’ll be talking about the Software (OS), music and battery life of this device.