After having the 5233 for so long and giving you a first impressions of the device, it seems proper to go into the review in detail. The Nokia 5233 is basically your 5800, stripped down to be a simple touchscreen phone that is also ‘smart’. It shares most of its parts with the 5800XM and that’s the main reason why Nokia has been able to bring this into India and various other countries at price point that has never been explored by anyone. Samsung has of course gone even below, but we’ll discuss that some other time.

The 5233 is a completely plastic bodied phone. There is no metal anywhere on the device, unlike the N97 or the N97mini. The Nokia 5233 is clearly aimed at the Corby and Star users. While it is priced slightly higher than the competition, what it brings to the table, differentiates and makes it worth the price.

Now a close examination of the 5233 shows everything is exactly the same as the 5800. On the left there are two slots, one for the SIM and the other for Micro SD card, which is hot swappable. The SIM requires one to open the battery cover and remove it using the stylus. This is a rather unique style of removing a SIM. Inserting is easy, just open the slot cover and pop the SIM inside!

One will also find a small ‘slit’ in between the body and the cover, that is the speaker, carefully concealed in between the two layers.

The right side of the device has more action happening, there is the screen lock in the middle, towards the end, you will find the camera button and on the top are the volume rockers. The screen lock key is a spring loaded key and it’s placement on the right hand side is somewhat odd, at least to me as the N97 has it on the left side.

The bottom is empty save for a small hole which is the mic. The top is slightly crowded and that’s where the connectivity options are located. The Micro USB slot, the 3.5m audio jack, the power slot and the power button are on located on the top of the device. the Micro USB slot is covered, while the rest are open. Now it beats me, why the Micro USB slot was covered and the rest left exposed…

On the white fascia is where one can see the proximity sensor and the earpiece at the top, along with a touch sensitive button that brings out the entertainment and connectivity option for the phone, ala the 5800. The bottom houses three keys – call, menu and the end key respectively. These keys look very different from the ones you will find on the 5800. These keys are thinner and more protruding than on the 5800. This gives the phone a fresh look and also makes using the keys easier.

I think the 5233 deserves a 6/10 in design. A good design and good quality plastic are it’s highlights, but since there is nothing major differentiating it from the 5800, it feels like buying a cheaper stripped down 5800 and not a ‘new’ phone.

Here’s a gallery full of images of the 5233.