Nokia after a lot of contemplation has decided to take on Samsung’s growing influence in the touchscreen category of phones. Samsung has almost flooded the entire category from devices priced as low as Rs.6500 to Rs. 25000.

It’s the lower end of this price spectrum where the fight lies. Samsung has a plethora of models in the price band of Rs.6500 to 8500. The Corby has done pretty well for Samsung and has definitely hit the sale of Nokia’s 6303 and various other models. To counter Nokia has launched the 5230 and the 5233. The 5233 is the one that we have for review and having used it for a few days let me bring you my first impressions on the device.

The 5233 is basically a stripped down 5800. Gone are the features that set the 5800 apart from the clutter. But fret not, the 5233 has the same 3.2 inch screen and pretty much the same design as the 5800. The main difference is the departure from black as the primary colour to white. The rear panel (battery panel) is available in different colours, I have a gray colour panel, which might not be an exciting colour to have, but nevertheless it does not look cheap. The device seems to be made with good quality plastics and does not resemble a cheap phone. It can be said that the 5233 is a much superior finished phone than even the Corby.

The touchscreen offers better sensitivity than the 5800 offered.  Nokia has made improvements to the touchscreen, but it’s still not as responsive as the Corby. This at times is a big boon as I have found Corby’s capacitive touchscreen to be an irritant.

The built-in accelerometer is a big boon. The inclusion of a full QWERTY keypad when the device is tilted is probably the one thing that is more than enough to to tilt the buying decision in favour of the 5233.

I’ll have more on the 5233 XM in coming few weeks. So stay tuned as we bring you more on the 5233.