In the concluding part of our review of the Nokia E72 we look at the GPS, Nokia Messaging and Internet features of E72.


With Ovi maps being upgraded to its current iteration, the E72 has suddenly jumped from being a phone with GPS, to becoming a dedicated GPS device. Once Ovi Maps is running, rest assured you can forget that this is a phone. That’s a good thing in my opinion. Facebook integration is also a very good touch and extends the boundaries of GPS devices.

I’ve tried out the GPS extensively in Mumbai (where I am currently staying) and found it to be very accurate. The Driving navigation and walking navigation profiles meant getting lost can be now be considered as just an excuse for exploring. With the inclusion of Lonely Planet and Burrp, finding what to do, where to eat and what to shop is easy as pie. No longer can an outsider be fooled with directions and be left wondering what to do in a new city, so long as he/she has Ovi maps.

Another feature is the inclusion of knowing the weather of the city you are in. With this, the need for a weather application is not there now.

Ovi maps is suddenly an application I use much more than Google Maps even. There is voice navigation while driving or walking for free, one can download the voice packs over the air and even share their location on facebook along with a photograph also. It just seems a matter of time before more services are added to Ovi maps.

I’ll give it a 8.5/10. The application worked wonderfully and I love it totally. I am withholding a few points with me because Ovi maps is only scratching the surface in terms of functionality. Nokia clearly has much more planned with this service.

Nokia Messaging:

When I first heard of Nokia Messaging coming on the E72 as a built in client I had my reservations and instantly thought that this is the feature that will doom this device. But clearly after having hesitantly trying it out on the E72, I was forced to change my line of thinking. Nokia Messaging for some reason had never worked the way it should have on the trial E75  I had. But on the E72, it seems like Nokia Messaging team has worked very hard. It works as advertised, I should say. It does ‘freeze’ at times, but the fix for it equally simple – reboot the device. Things are back to working the way they are supposed to. Overall, I found zero hiccups with the password getting deleted automatically or the service breaking down. My belief in the built in client has been restored.

9/10 for this feature and service. Works just like it is supposed to. Nokia Messaging totally makes the phone worth buying and using.


No review of a smartphone can be complete without a look into the internet capabilities of it. Nokia’s E72 has the same browser all its S60 phones have and I won’t go into details regarding it. What I will however point out is that the pages do get rendered quicker. The rendering speeds, I found were a bit quicker than on earlier devices. Flash integration which has been there for quite sometime now also exists in this device. The web browser is quite frankly speaking a very robust browser and reliable too.

What I do find lacking in today’s date is the ability to browse multiple websites simultaneously – tabbed browsing. It’s definitely dated in terms of looks and is lacking the all important tabbed browsing feature, but it’s still a capable performer and can easily compete with the Safaris and Internet Explorers of the mobile world.

7.5/10 is fitting for it. Dated looks and absence of tabbed browsing is badly needed to push this browser into the next level.

Here is a gallery full of screenshots of the above three applications.