As I had mentioned earlier that thanks to the good people at WOM World, I have been provided a Booklet3G, Nokia first PC (netbook) for trialling and review. Now I’ve had it for quite a while and it’s fitting to give a first impressions about this device.

The first thing that I must say to you is that Nokia has indeed made a netbook that can seriously compete with even the Macbook in terms of looks. The Booklet3G is simply exquisite in terms of dimensions and design. It’s so good looking that my father even asked me whether WOM world could accept money and ‘sell’ him the device and he is very serious when he said so (I’ll be mailing you about this WOM World).

In terms of usage, the Nokia Booklet3G is good. Windows 7 (starter edition) and crisp screen make the Booklet3G a very promising package.

I could go on an on about my ‘first impressions’ but I think it’s best to stop here so that I have something left to write in the review too :).

Oh, by the way do check the gallery and you’ll know exactly what I have been saying to you all this while.