Being a blogger and writing about new technology in the mobile space is an exciting thing to do. If you also are recognized by the more established peers  then it’s absolutely awesome! I have been continuously reviewing phones for over a year now. Having the privilege of trialling and reviewing devices and apps before they are launched to people, gives me quite a kick! Not to mention the flaunt value!

Blogging has not only allowed me to voice my opinion about technology but also shape it in my own little way. I will admit very candidly that I am not in the league of Howard Chui or Ricky Cadden or the many other ‘A’ list bloggers. But I’m working to get there. Bloggers as such are a very close knit community, atleast us mobile bloggers are. We are always connected and in touch with each other (well almost all of us are!). Due to this, sometimes you come across a lot of blogger pals who hit you up with something very interesting and then you can’t help but have a very interesting discussion.

Today was one such day, a good friend of mine Ubertechnophile called me up to tell me how he had changed from a mid-high end smart phone to a feature phone. he had gone from using an E72 to using a Nokia 6303 classic. Needless to say we got talking and he told me the reason for doing it. he said that he still used Twitter, Facebook and other such things, but he did not want to use it on his phone anymore. Email, a service which I religiously use was also given up by my friend as he did not want to be told a new email every 15 minutes. This got me stumped, because here was a guy who was and still is a hardcore techie. What then happened, suddenly?

When he gave me the the reason for this sudden change I realized, how technology was not only enabling but also enslaving us.

By having emails on our phones, have we made it easier to communicate with the world or made our live more difficult and complicated? Access to Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites through our mobile phones, has it allowed us to become more social or vice versa?

Before you jump to any conclusions and accuse me, let me tell you I use all of these solutions on my mobile phone. I get emails pushed to my phone, I do check my Twitter feed occasionally and access my Facebook profile frequently through my mobile phone. It is certainly exciting and allows me to be mobile and not bound to a PC for these activities. But I am not constantly connected to them, neither do I check it every few minutes. I do not have a pressing desire to be accessible, online every minute of the day.

So then why did I say that we are being enslaved by technology?

Are we really smiling?

The reason is quite simple and something I did not quite realize until my friend pointed it out to me. People are increasingly using technology not out of choice but out of pressure. And there are a lot of people who are simply addicted to it, they need to check their Twitter feed, Facebook profile and mailboxes every few minutes and see what is happening, because it’s the “in thing” and also because of  the constant pressure of being available ‘online’.

I’m sure there are people who would say that technology and mobile devices have made life simpler and easier, there will yet be another group which will disagree and state otherwise.

With the way technology is progressing, a lot of new services and devices are being introduced, each promising the moon. The question that comes to my mind is, do we really need them?

Every year people buy devices that allow them to the above things with more efficiency and greater speed, but how many of them really know why they are buying it and what will it simplify for them? It is certainly a point to ponder…

So when my friend says that he has moved from a smartphone to a feature phone, it’s simply because he wants to live a life that does not include tweeting about how the soup tasted at Joe’s cafe or how how he’s feeling under the sun. He’s just exploring a life that is less connected to an online world.

As for me, I’m still doing reviews and telling you of new things in the world of phones. But that does not mean I want you to try it and use it. At the end of the day technology should help you to do things easily. So if by using a mobile phone with certain features makes life easier then you should go ahead and use it. Don’t use it because everybody around you is using it or because it’s cool. Use it because it makes life simpler.

I’d love to hear what you think about it. Leave your opinions below in the comments space. i’d love to know your thoughts regarding this post of mine.