Last year, the lovely people at WOM World had sent me a package. This package contained what many people believe to be a superior bluetooth headphone. I was very upbeat about receiving it and putting it through the grind. I had to know whether it was as good as others have stated.

Presenting the much awaited BH-905 bluetooth headphone review.


The BH-905 came in some of the most unanticipated packaging. The box was much bigger than the boxes of the N97 and N97mini. In fact one could easily slip in a N97mini box inside the BH-905’s retail packaging.

The BH-905 itself was in a very smart leather pouch, the kind that one gets with expensive high end stereo headphones. Inside everything was arranged to perfection. There was a slot for everything. All the pins were arranged properly, the extra cable properly bound, the charger carefully tucked on the other side and the BH-905 there in all its glory.

I must say that this is by far the best packaging for any bluetooth device I have seen.

A full 10/10. Amazing packaging!


The BH-905 seemed like a really big pair of headphones at start in the pictures. The packaging seemed to add to this belief. Upon opening I was taken aback. I guess when they say pictures are deceptive; they were referring to the BH-905. These headphones were not massive, but rather quite small. Though enough to cover my ears.

The earpieces were properly cushioned on the inside and so was the headband. Adequate cushioning meant that one could put them on the ears and enjoy hours of music without being disturbed.

The glossy brushed metallic inserts added to the overall look of the headphone being an expensive device. The buttons to control the music and audio quality were all within the ear-cups. One could switch on the Active Noise Cancellation from the left ear-cup, control the music, receive calls and control the volume from the right side. It’s truly amazing to see so much being fit inside those ear-cups. The batteries were also in the ear-cups. That’s how much is in those headphones.

The LED light for the ANC and the bluetooth were also well placed and, I especially liked the size of the bluetooth status LED.

I’d give them an 8/10. I wish the ear-cups could have been larger and cover my entire ear. Everything else was okay.


The Bluetooth headphones have the following times against it in various modes.

  • Talk (Bluetooth): 24 h
  • Music (Bluetooth): 25 h
  • Talk (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 15 h
  • Music (Bluetooth, with active noise cancellation): 16 h
  • Music (Wired, with active noise cancellation): 40 h

Now I could tell you that I was able to get X amount from it. But, I’ll be honest here and say that I never quite tested the headphone for the above. It was charged twice and I just continued to use it whenever I wanted to. With a 600 hours standby, this baby can stay on for you for a long time. The 600mAh battery however does take time to charge and in 2 hours it can go from being absolutely dry to full charge.


The BH-905 comes with the following ‘accessories’.

  • Nokia Carrying Case CP-298
  • Nokia Audio Cable CA-143U with 3,5mm Nokia AV connector (~1,2m)
  • Nokia Extension Audio Cable CA-144U (~1,7m)
  • Nokia AV Adapter AD-52 for 2.5 mm Nokia AV
  • Nokia Audio Adapter AD-63 for standard 3.5 mm jack
  • Nokia Adapter AD-71 for airplane
  • Nokia Adapter AD-70 for 6.3 mm home stereo
  • Nokia Travel Charger AC-5U
  • User guide

As you can see, that’s long list out there. No bluetooth device I know has such a long list of ‘in box’ accessories.

10/10 for it.


How can a review for a bluetooth device end without a thorough look into this aspect? I’ve had a chance to try these headphones in various places to check the efficacy of the headphones much touted Active Noise Cancellation. From an office environment, at home after coming tired from work, the outdoors, in the airplane sitting just beside the wing, that’s where the engines are.

I found them to be capable performers. They are not loud and do not provide ear splitting sound. What they do provide is really clear audio. The headphones really allow one to hear every note without any unnecessary external noise filtering in. I found the Active Noise Cancellation working like a charm. No problems whatsoever. All the hums, honking, buzzing, everything is just cutout and there is a sense of tranquility that grips you. It’s truly amazing!

As I mentioned earlier to you, I tried them even inside a plane even, and to my luck I was seated bang next to wing where the engine is located. This means that I was going to be subjected to irritating whirrs and other motor engine noises for the course of my flight journey. Out came the BH-905, this was going to be their true test. If they could do what Nokia claimed, it would be spectacular.

Well they did not disappoint and only exceeded my expectations. Firstly the noise of the engine was cut down so much; it was like having the engine whisper in an extremely hushed voice. The noise cancellation worked exactly as Nokia said it would. The point where it exceeded my expectations was when the flight attendant made an announcement and without having to lower the volume or make any adjustments, I was able to hear what she was saying. Never has a voice sounded so clear!

I enjoyed the music on the flight and the movie too, all thanks to the Nokia BH-905. What a headphone! I’m giving it a 10/10. Absolutely worth it!

Now this device is not available in India, so if you are looking for it here. You won’t find it. One can get them on Amazon for US $274.36. If you ask me, that’s a good price for a pair of awesome headphones and bluetooth device rolled into one.