Firstly I’d like to apologize for the delay in putting up a review for the E72. I’ve just shifted to a new city and it has been a hectic two weeks settling in the new city and beginning things afresh.

I’ve had the pleasure to ‘play’ with the E72 in between my shifting from Delhi to Mumbai. It had very much replaced my netbook as my window to the internet. I’ve used the phone to access my Facebook account, update statuses, chat with family and friends, click impromptu photos, Using Google Maps and what not…

This allowed me to really use the E72’s OS and some of the apps for a long time, consistently. Hence I think, this review makes more sense now. Please note, I have not updated the E72 to the new firmware (reasons – No internet, No need for it as it is stable and I don’t see a changelog) V22.007 which was released a few days ago. This review hence is centered around the older firmware.


The E72 ships with the trusty old S60 3rd edition (FP2). This means it does not have any touch functionality. After a bevy of touchscreen device launches, it is very refreshing to have a non-touchscreen phone. The E72 which is aimed for a mix of customer profiles seems to get the job done easily. A fashion phone with slim looks and the right amount of shine and metal. A business phone with the QWERTY, email, etc. since we have already looked at the design, it’s time to take a peek into the email and other things software on this device.

The S60 flavour on this device comes with FP2 sprinkled all over. There are transitions and a smoothness in how S60 responds to your inputs. This smoothness is actually very commendable and really changes the game in terms of visuals.

The home screen has undergone a makeover, nothing has changed in terms of what is where, but there is definite improvement in how things appear visually. With icons being spaced clearly in transparent boxes and everything being so ‘clean’, it’s hard to not fall in love with the E72 homescreen. An interesting and very good addition is to have a digital clock placed at the bottom on the homescreen and inside the main menu. This makes it very comfortable to see the time across the device without having to jump to the homescreen.

Searching for contacts is done in a similar manner that was done on the E71 and other Qwerty devices from Eseries family. Hit the phonebook button on the keypad or simply type the name of the person on the homescreen and voila! This is not a new feature but it’s execution is wonderful. Once you have the name a plethora of options to communicate with it are available.

The calendar option is just as it was with the E71. No change there but yes with syncing now possible, the humble calendar is now even more powerful and better.

Now that you have clicked all those photos with the 5MP camera, I’m sure you want to view them. The Gallery icon opens the door to all those photos and videos you shot. Perusing through it is anything but boring, transitions make sure that you enjoy the experience of viewing your photos and videos, which have been listed separately.

Nokia Music Store on the phone is quite an experience. Using the music store on the phone is pretty easy, the problem lies in the lack of 3g in India. The music store worked like a charm and allowed me to browse through the latest hits and classics and download what I wanted (all of this is possible after registering on Nokia Music Store). Ovi Store was another successful app that has been embedded into the OS. The integration is tight and clicking on a link leading to Ovi store will automatically cause Ovi Store application to start and get you there, so you don’t need to fire up the browser. Nice indeed!

The phone comes with 4 preinstalled themes and also supports audio themes. Powersaver gets many options for standby too.  The browser on the phone is the standard affair Nokia phones come with. This is a very robust solution and works pretty well and has never crashed or frozen during operation.

E72 supports MySpace and Facebook along with Youtube. This means that you can access your Facebook and your Myspace profiles and also view your favourite videos on Youtube. All of this possible out of the box on the E72. Clearly it seems that Eseries people have been extremely busy at software side. The changes that have been affected on the E72’s OS is remarkable and worthy of praise. It seems like a progression from Windows 98 to Windows XP (I won’t say Vista since it pretty much went flop).

Let me go in a bit of detail with regard to Facebook since I am using it. Facebook on the E72 is a very tightly integrated app. I was able to change my status, comment on others’ status, upload photos, comment on them, pull out details of my friends and email and/or even call them. Though it may not sound like a lot, trust me, the manner in which it does it really good. I liked using Facebook and absolutely recommend you to start using it too.

Don’t worry Office support is not missing and has the regular apps to make this a perfect replacement to that bulky ‘road warrior laptop’. Quickoffice, Adobe Acrobat reader, Font magnifier, Intranet, Unzipping app, dictionary are some of the many apps to make this phone your office companion. Games and the ability to connect your media center server to the phone are some of the add ons which make it seem as if this is an Nseries device.

There are a couple of things that do disappoint me about the E72. The OS does tend to lock up momentarily at times, though it may be for a second only, it still is noticeable. Another flaw in the E72 and perhaps the biggest one is the number of contacts one can store on the E72. Surprised, you thought that it was practically unlimited? No, it is not! E72 can store ‘up to’ 1000 contacts. Why has Nokia done this? God alone knows, but it is nothing short of absolute stupidity!

Another flaw is the number of SMS that can be stored. Again ‘up to’ 1000 SMSes can be stored. Why is that so? Nobody but Nokia will be able to answer, if this is how things are going to be, I’ll probably have to consider another device which offers me nearly unlimited storage for the two. These restrictions did not exist on the earlier devices, so why now Nokia???

For software I give it 7/10. Two points short of what I was going to give had there been practically unlimited phonebook and SMS storage capacity.

Nokia Messaging, Internet, Maps will be covered in greater detail in subsequent posts.


Music on the E72 has been a revelation. Finally there is a business phone which does good music. A dedicated audio chip ensures that the quality of music is good. The 3.5mm audio jack means one can finally plug in headphones/earphones of his/her choice and enjoy some good music. I am not into music and will not be able to delve into intricate details, but I will tell you that there is a certain richness to the sound. The music player on this is the same that is employed in all smartphones. 8 presets (all configurable), ability to create your own, shuffle, repeat, automatic segregation of music as per artiste, album and genre amongst some more are the features in this business phone. I wonder, is this still a business phone? or a phone that also does business?

The side buttons for volume make changing the volume as easy as pie.

I’ll rate the experience at a 9/10. It’s really very good at playing music!


The battery on the E72 is the same 1500mAh that does duty on the N97, E71 and E90. How good or bad is the battery life? Well, let’s just say that it easily lasts me 3 and a half days with the phone constantly connected to the internet (flat rate plan and unlimited downloads and Nokia Messaging), Maps running pretty often and for about 2 hours atleast everyday, 10-15 minutes of conversations, Facebook app for about 15-20 minutes a day and a few pictures and SMSes oh and also WiFi usage of about 25-30 minutes everyday.Yet I’m looking at about 3 bars remaining on my phone. This is the kind of stuff legends are made of.

I think it shall easily last a person 3-4 days without much worry. That kind of battery life is really good for this phone. I think it is pretty much on par with the E71. That’s good because it is running a bigger processor inside – 600Mhz v/s 369Mhz on the E71.

I’ll rate this on par with the E71. A full 10/10! No issues whatsoever. Slim battery and very good numbers mean it’s the best hands down!!!

Stay tuned as we bring you more on the E72!