SPB software have just launched SPB weather for Symbian devices on the 15th of December, 2009.  It combines detailed forecasts of 10000 cities worldwide with up to date satellite images on a 3D globe and very good UI too.

01 - Main Screen

This application is supported on S60 3rd edition (FP1) device onwards to S60 5th edition devices. That means it will work on quite a few old devices as well.

Some of the main features of this application are:

  • 5 day weather forecast- Detailed morning/day/evening/night forecast
  • Pressure, humidity and wind forecast – 10,000+ world wide cities database
  • Up to 10 cities in you favourites – Fancy finger-oriented interface
  • Weather forecasts on 3D globe, with Zooming, Satellite image animation including sky (clouds), temperature, precipitation forecasts
  • Weather animation movies like on TV
  • Home Screen Widget

We, at ‘adityasphones’ have had access to the software for review and we did give it a shot. We wanted to see if this application was indeed as good as it claims or not.


We found that SPB Weather is a nice little application to have. It is indeed better than Accuweather which ships with Nokia devices. The reason being simple, it offers a lot more info than just numbers. All the stated features work like a charm. Having tested it on the E72. The UI has very good transitions (just like the ones on SPB TV) and works effortlessly, I never had issues with the application locking or freezing while downloading content. All of this despite the fact that it is a 4.4MB file!


The best part is that this application was able to pull data from the web even on a GPRS connection, forget EDGE and 3G and that too without much effort. The homescreen widget was pretty good too, it created the widget in the form of a ‘to do’ note on the device. This feature might be liked or disliked by some people, but I thought it was an efficient and nice touch.


Selecting a particular day for a chosen city brought up detailed weather forecasts predicted. The forecasts of upto 5 days is available for each city you choose.

An interesting and very nice touch was the ability to use GPS to find the weather for your area. It makes it easier now to search for your city now and check the weather. The number of customizations offered is also very nice.



Though this app is pretty robust and eats very little resources, we did find a small bug in it. We are not sure if this affects all the devices, but on the E72 we had problems typing location. The application it seems has not been properly calibrated for QWERTY devices. This was the only major flaw that we noticed in this otherwise good application. This however can be corrected by SPB and patched also, we have informed them of the same.


Overall, this is a very good application providing excellent service. It certainly provides a more comprehensive view of the weather. We just hope that QWERTY keypad issue can be corrected quickly. For $14.95 (US) it is a great application.

With the Copenhagen round to save the environment going on, it is quite a coincidence that we are reviewing a weather application.

Below, are a huge gallery of screenshots of the above application.