Along with the E72 we also have the Nokia BH-905 bluetooth headphones (with active noise cancellation) to review courtesy WOMWorld. Having received the package only yesterday, we’ve been busy ogling at what a bluetooth headphones comes with. We never expected an accessory to be so loaded in terms of features and other things.


The BH-905 comes with the following things in the box

  1. The BH-905 headset
  2. CA-143U cable to convert into a wired headset should you choose to use it as a wired headphone
  3. CA-144U to extend the length of the above cable
  4. An AD-63 audio jack (3.5mm) should you want to connect to a 3.5mm slot
  5. An AD-52 audio jack (2.5mm) should you want to connect to a 2.5mm slot (hinting at some of the Eseries devices and a few S40 devices)
  6. An AD-70 audio jack should decide on wanting it to connect this device to a 6.3mm audio slot (music systems and home theatre systems)
  7. An AD-71 audio jack to connect to the airplane’s audio system
  8. A cleaning cloth
  9. Leather casing to keep all of these things safely and properly
  10. AC-5E (2mm) charger to charge the battery
  11. User manual to understand what is where and how it works

Now, tell me, how many bluetooth accessories do you know that come with their own set of accessories? This bluetooth device is anything but a ‘regular’ bluetooth device and if you were to move around with them you are gonna get people looking at you. Trust me.

Here are unboxing pictures of the BH-905. Stay tuned as we review this bluetooth device and put it through its paces.