Backlit keypad of the E72

E72 keypad

Well just a few days back we dissected the E72 in terms of design, an area where it performed exceptionally well. This part of the review we see how the beautifully designed E72 does in the lighting department.

For the review I will divide it in three sections,

1. Back-lighting:

E72 screenshot #1

The back-lighting on the E72 is pretty good. It is definitely as good as on the E71. Over the last so many devices, I have actually stuck to having the device’s brightness at 50%, which 99% of the times is absolutely sufficient. This tradition stays with the E72 as it bright enough to work as a torchlight (the screen). With AMOLED becoming the standard for high end phones, it’s surprising to see the E72 still use the TFT screen technology but as it works really well, it’s doing duty in the E72. Perhaps the E73 will change that. But as of now, I’ll rate the E72’s back-lighting as amongst the best, a strong 9/10. Good back-lighting coupled with very good sensors means that you have a great experience viewing things.

2. Notification Light:

Keys on the E72

the soft keys along with the one touch keys on the E72

The notification light feature, a unique differentiator amongst all Nokia devices for the Eseries devices. What began with the Eseries has trickled to other lines as well. But trust only Eseries designers to come up with a suitable evolution to it. It’s as if this is a whole two generations ahead in terms of execution. The light does not have to squeeze through tight confines of the phone. This time around the light is softer and more prominent, even for alerts it blinks real quick. This notification light gives every intention to the user and others that the E72 is a device to be reckoned with. I’d give it a full 10/10 for this. Absolutely stunning and great is the implementation of the light within the phone.

3. Keypad lighting:

The E72 keypad

The keypad lighting is one of the most important features, something that can make or break this device. The E72 does not disappoint in this department, it delivers absolutely uniform lighting to all the buttons across the entire keypad, including the soft keys too. The soft white light is calming and soothing. I’m glad that Eseries have chosen to get a nice soothing white light for the keypad.

the 'three' buttons

The three buttons on the E72

The volume keys at the side also are backlit just like it was for the E71, only on the E72 it seems much better. The E72 seems to have improved on its predecessor in almost every facet. 9.5/10 for this is what the E72 scores.

4. LED light:

the light shines forth

The E72's LED as a torch

Though we will be covering the LED flash when we review the camera performance, I’d like to talk about the LED flash as a torchlight. This feature implemented on the E63 was one of the first sensible things Nokia put into it’s smartphones. The E72 too has the feature of making the LED flash function as a torch (press the space bar key until light comes on). The light it throws is worthy of emntion. It seems that the next generation LED lights have been used in the E72. Not only is bright, the area that one can see with it is also very good. This makes the the E72 stylish as well as extremely useful in emergencies. 10/10, full marks for great execution.

Overall the E72 scores really well in this department, making it more and more tougher to spot flaws for this device. Could this really be a ‘perfect’ phone from Nokia?

Stay tuned to this blog as we bring you more about the E72.