The Nokia E72

Well now that I have had a chance to play with the E72 and give it a go and see how it works, I’d like to bring you the first impressions of mine towards this device.

The Nokia E72 is a successor to the legacy that E71 has built for Nokia. Featuring many new firsts for the brand, Nokia has come out with a rather superior and ‘fashionable’ device for the businessman/page 3 personality. It surely seems to be a fit for those people. The designers at Eseries surely have done a great job in designing this device. It feels extremely solid and robust. Upping even the E71 in terms of build quality, this is one phone that does the talk and the walk. I must mention that despite it’s compact size it is heavy, but I found this more of an asset than a drawback for this device.

Armed with many firsts, this Eseries device is a glimpse of what next generation Eseries devices will look like. I am indeed wondering how the mighty E90’s successor will look like. The 5MP camera on this E72 is actually worth calling a 5MP camera as the quality is indeed good. The optical navipad is addictive at best and the digital compass and the transitions make this device truly marvellous and breathtaking.

E72 honescreen

The E72's homescreen

I have to also mention that the Nokia Messaging implementation is much better on this device than it was on the E75. Nokia Messaging just works on the E72 like it should. Though I wish the chat client could have been developed or extended to the E72, it would have made for a one ‘killer’ device.

Overall there is little to complain about this pocket rocket. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into every facet of this rather beautiful offering.

NOTE: The black E72 is not coming to India as of now, but if I know Nokia, they are already working at an ‘all black’ device.