The Nokia E72

With the first impressions giving you a first hand impression of the Nokia E72 and how it works an feels, you must have realized that I really like this device, but now it’s time for the phone to come under the scanner, it’s time to see what the E72 is all about.

The E72 is a clear successor to the E71, a device which has vowed a lot of people the world over. And without any delay let’s jump to the juicy part of this review.


The E72 carries the tradition of the E71 and looks like a generation ahead of the E71. This phone is not just merely a little bit of cosmetic changes here and there, but a completely new phone carrying the DNA of the E71. The phone has the build quality that would shame other manufacturers. In fact, I haven’t seen Nokia’s with such high levels of build quality. Nothing seems to rattle or make any noises. Even though it’s a candy bar (which should be the easiest deign to execute) the E72 has excellent fit and finish. As good as some luxury cars. The glossy finish has been replaced with a more matured matte finish and it lends an air of classic sophistication without being loud. It also means the device will look ‘clean’ always, this matte finish also acts as a grip when holding the device.

Keys on the E72

the soft keys along with the one touch keys on the E72

The face of the E72 is totally refreshed and at first I thought the one touch keys would not be easily accessible and foul up with the experience. But I was thoroughly mistaken, those keys are so nicely done up and so comfortable to use that I am really in awe of the designer(s) who thought of it. The soft keys along with the call and ‘end’ keys are finished in a brushed metal finish and it gives the device some life and extends the appeal of it. The optical track-pad, a first for any Nokia phone has been brilliantly executed on the E72 and is extremely addictive and a great solution which eases the pressure on the thumb. Along with it, should you choose to browse faster is the regular D-Pad which serves as the protector for the optical track-pad as well a navigating key. The one touch keys along with the D-Pad and the ear-speaker have a thin line of chrome metal and that takes the design of the E72 to a whole new level, I’m yet to see a business device has ‘good’ looks and the E72 is already bordering on great. To complete the front look is the trademark chrome lining that runs across the phone, this is a familiar design execution on the E71. On the E72 it seems to have matured and looks very classy. In black it’s like an expensive sedan which is not loud and brash but clam and sophisticated.

QWERTY on the E72

The QWERTY has been very nicely executed, employing the E63’s keypad, the E72 makes typing easier with larger keys. It feel different than the other keys, but feedback is great!

New look covers for the Micro USB and the Micro SSD card slots

The new asymmetrical look for the slots.

Moving to the left side of the device you will find two outlets on the top and a lanyard clip slot at the bottom. The outlets for the Micro USB and the memory card are unique again in terms of design execution, the designers have tried to be bold, and have succeeded. This design execution makes the device fashionable and at the same time new. On the right hand side, are just three buttons with no labeling and finished in chrome paint with excellent backlighting. No prizes for guessing it is the volume rocker and the mute key. At the bottom you shall find just one slot which is for charging the phone’s battery. The top of the phone houses two things that are different – the E72 comes with 3.5mm audio jack – finally the successor has the standard audio jack! Along with that the power key has undergone a complete makeover, from the ‘red’ colour key it has evolved to a chrome finished key with power symbol ‘etched’ onto the button! Hold it an angle and it seems as if the the symbol is reflects light and looks as if it is backlit!

the 'three' buttons

The three buttons on the E72

The ribbed look

The metallic cover on the E72

The back side of the E72 has the same metal cover. The design is now ribbed and each line is closer than it was on the E71. The release of the cover is ala the E63’s and with the speaker moving next to the 5MP camera, it seems like the only cliche on this otherwise uniquely designed device. The camera module is jutting out and though it puts the camera lens at risk, it also makes the speaker more audible as it is not muffled.

the complete backside look

The metallic cover on the E72

All in all the design is superb! I honestly don’t think there is a device that is as stylish the E72, heck there’s no QWERTY device that looks so sexy! So can it be that this device has no flaws in it’s design? Almost! I did find it to be leaking light at some areas, nothing major but just a small flaw perhaps, though not big enough to create pandemonium.

I’ll give the E72 a solid 9.5/10. I have yet to see any phone that looks better than the E72.

Below is a full gallery full of E72 images.