With my dear friend CJ posting a photo comparison of the Nokia E71 and the E72, I’ll bring you some interesting comparison pics with the Motorola Q8 and another device. The Motorola Q8 is a rather old device, but an interesting one too. It was pitted very much as the QWERTY device for masses. An awkward design and Windows Mobile along with a woefully underpowered hardware platform translated into pathetic sales.

The E71 on the other hand running the successful S60 3rd edition iteration of Symbian set the sales charts on fire. Coupled with looks and good performance in almost all aspects, the E71 became a really good seller.

Enter the E72, tasked with upping the benchmark for how a business phone should look and work,the E72 designers have had a tough task of making this phone look and feel like a business/lifestyle phone. And though the review parts are due, I must put it down right now that I personally absolutely love the design and the feel of the phone in the hand. This feels and works every bit like a phone meant for the busy businessman.

The designers have paid a lot of attention to detail, something which I shall delve into great detail in my review. Let me warn you right away that this phone is really making me biased towards it. So much so that I really wish that Nokia India is listening and reading this and offers to let me keep this device. Am I being partial before the review officially begins, I guess. But rest assured when the device will be put through it’s paces, we’ll not be partial and bring you the true picture.

Without wasting time, the Moto v/s the Nokia. Also in the picture you will see the ‘desi’ version of the QWERTY, the Micromax Q3. This is a dual SIM phone and is meant for the messaging generation. Enjoy! these are just some interesting comparisons…. 🙂