Hey guys, this is just to let you know that the E72 is in da house! I just received it yesterday and it is a true successor to the legacy of the E71. I don’t normally get carried away with devices at the first go, but I must say the E72 is absolutely amazing and has made me instantly want one from the word go! (may be some one at Nokia will gift one to me). With just a few hours of usage, I’ve completely fallen for this phone. Also let me tell you at first go that the camera on the E72 is absolutely brilliant, almost as good as a Nseries device. The phrase ‘wolf in a sheep’s clothing’ is apt for this device.

The optical trackpad is a delight and is bound to get you hooked to it. This is one feature you will miss sorely on any device , once you have used it.

I will post the unboxing of the video tomorrow. So stay tuned as I review what could be one of the best phones that Nokia has made to date, both in terms of looks and in terms of feature.