nmsLike me if you have been using Nokia’s email solution, Nokia Messaging Service, you must be loving (and hating it at times) the ability of it to view your email on the phone itself almost instantaneously as it comes to your email box.

Well come December, this service is going to cost you. Nokia Messaging from December will become a paid service on a select few networks. Also going to be released soon is an S40 client, since there are more S40 phones sold than S60. I remember that NMS product manager had said long time back that it would remain an S60 exclusive service. But, I’m glad to know it will be moving to S40, a platform which needs to be accepted as a platform for the masses.

I do have a few questions though, about NMS going paid, like what happens to the E75 owners who got a free lifetime subscription to Nokia Messaging Service, will they have to pay for it now? or does it still remain free?

Will the pre-paid (pay as you go) customer be also included in the scheme of things, or will he be thought to be just a voice and SMS based user? I’ve heard that the service is expected to undercut BlackBerry’s email offering of INR 299 per month, offered by most of the service operators in India.

Leave your comments down below and let us know what your views are on this.