Today Nokia just dropped a bomb by launching two new touchscreen phones, the 5230 XM and the 5530 XM.  Now we all knew of the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic phone, which was known to us and it’s specs too. What came as a surprise to most of us was the launch of the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic.

It’s quite interesting that the earlier 5230 is a regular S60 3rd Edition phone (basic entry level S60 device) and this new one is a S60 5th edition.

Let’s jump to the specs shall we,

The 5230 XM is actually a stripped down 5800 with some real cool colour options. It has the same body shell with some minor changes, as the 5800. The real changes lie within, no WiFi, GPS support, a slightly smaller battery (1320mAh v/s 1500mAh on the 5800) and a 2MP camera. The data sheet can be downloaded from here–> Nokia_5230_data_sheet.

The 5530 is a different beast all together, it features a 2.9 inch screen, same resolution i.e. 640×360 pixels, WiFi, no GPS, 3.2MP camera and the other things that the 5800 has. What sets this apart from the 5800 is that it lacks a dedicated GPS chip and also a smaller screen. But it also means that it is more compact than the 5800.

The prices for the 5230 and 5530 are estimated to be around 149 Euros and 199 Euros respectively. This means that Nokia is aiming for the same piece of pie that Samsung is enjoying with its S5230 and S5600 range of touchscreen phones and also take on LG Cookie.

All I can say is that the touchscreen market is set to become more affordable in the near future. Something manufacturers like HTC and Apple will have to realize and adapt to quickly.