97 beepsWhen the N97 was announced with widget support, all of us bloggers were excited about it and from the promo videos it was clear that they would rock! Finally the N97 was launched and in terms of sales it has done relatively well. A lot of people are buying it. In India it is selling very well to say the least.

So with so many N97 handsets being sold in the market, do people really know what a widget is? The answer is no. Most of the people and store staff do not know what a widget is. This means that not only is the ‘internet’ experience falling short of expectations but also the widget experience which was one of the key pillars for the N97.

To remedy this problem, we have a solution, www.97beeps.com. On 97 beeps you will not only come to know what a widget is, but you can browse through a lot of widgets that are available for the N97 and other Nokia phones.

There is more to it than just widgets. This site is designed to look like the twitter site, only the colours on 97beeps are much more brighter and lively. You can also ‘beep’ about something you want just like twitter! So not only do you learn what widgets are (and also download a few) but you also get to make a lot of friends.

This initiative is an innovative one, designed to make everybody realize that technology and it’s working are not for a few, but it is for everyone.  So don’t waste any time just get onto the website.

So is it just that much? NO.

This is what you need to do! Visit www.97beeps.com

  • Just sign up and get started
  • Choose widgets of your choice and install them on your phone
  • Refer friends to 97 Beeps
  • Tell us in 97 characters how you would use widgets

And if you are lucky you could win for yourself a spanking new Nokia N97.  So what are you waiting for???