tttechnophobeThe third challenge for the Teach the Technophobe was delivered to me a long time back, it was also completed on time. But since I have just moved to a new city, and I did not have an internet connection (broadband) to blog about it, the information of it was not put up here.

The third challenge required my technophobe to take a phot of himself and also send a position of himself, using the Maps application, to me via email. The distance meant that I had to email the instructions to my technophobe. I knew this would be difficult and I had my fingers crossed, I prayed for him to be able to complete it without any hiccups. My technophobe had not used Maps before and emailing me his exact position through the application itself was another level of toughness for him.

But all my fears were laid to rest when I recevied his email with his photo and a ‘.lmx’ file. the ‘.lmx’ file was basically a file, which when opened in Maps would tell me exactly where he was at that time.

My technophobe had been able to do what I thought was a tough task for him. I asked him later on if he found the task difficult or no, his response, only marginally, the instructions were clear and the UI and the phone made it much more simple. I was delighted, here was a person who was using  a 6681 in his daily course, telling me that something as ‘advanced’ as the E75 was easy to get used to and really nice to use.

Challenge #3 over.


Challenge #4 was pretty easy, to say the least, but made difficult by my inability to access my blog due to an absence of an internet connection. Now I know that the phone has a woking internet connection,but 20-30Mb of video to be uploaded onto YouTube and then embedded into my blog would have taken close 3 hours, all thanks to an EDGE connection only that is prevalent in India. My problem was also compounded a bit by some ‘Tax Law’ issues that the state of UP has (I’m in NOIDA now…) this meant that my shipment had already reached New Delhi but due to some stupid paperwork it reached my hands only on the 10-11th August I think. So the delay in posting this challenge on my blog.

Below is not one but two videos of my technophobe, talking in brief about his experience of using the E75 and the email functionality.

Another one:

With this I can safely say that the challenges are all over!

Mission Accomplished!

I would like to thank Nokia, WOMWorld and their extremely warm and kind employees. The people at WOMWorld have been very helpful at every step and their professionalism is something that needs to be complimented. Kudos to WOMWorld! You are really great!