tttechnophobeHaving received the second technophobe challenge, It was time to get into action. When one is about 1600kms away, it becomes difficult to teach a technophobe how to use the various features on the E75.

But I have full trust in my technophobe’s learning abilities. Anyways, I called my technophobe and gave him instructions over the phone on how to go about completing the challenge. And a couple of hours later, I got a mail from him also. He told me that it was really easy to attach an image and send it across. The challenge was to click an image from the E75 and send it as an attachment to me and I had to reply back.

The whole process took him hardly anytime he said, the only time it took him was when he had to find the image, that’s it!


Since my technophobe is busy conducting a workshop/management program for some people, the photo I got was of the room where he was conducting the workshop. Not exactly scenic, but the important thing is to be able to attach images, documents, etc and mail it across from the phone, something my technophobe has learnt very quickly.

I must also inform that my technophobe and me are experiencing some issues with the inbuilt Nokia Messaging (Nokia Email Service). It is behaving a bit erratically. There have been occasions when it has refused to download mail and the passwords seem to  have been deleted on its own. Overall, it the Nokia Messaging solution on our devices at least, is not stable enough. It works, but not without throwing tantrums.

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