tttechnophobeAs we all know that there is a ‘Teach the Technophobe‘ challenge going on involving 8 brave souls (me included!) where normal average people are taught by us how to use the new smartphones (read E75). This challenge revolves around the E75’s email capabilities.

Having received the E75 first amongst everyone, I had already configured the email capabilities on both the phones long back with a few hiccups. And since I have used this device for quite sometime, I’m aware of the quirks of this device by now.

Around this time I also moved to a new place, NOIDA for work and as a result there has been a lot of jumble in my life. Nokia Messaging is the one thing that has kept it going for me.

For this challenge, I gave my technophobe instructions on first re-setting the device(*#7370#) to it’s original settings after he took a back up of his important data. Starting afresh I had him configure his mailbox on the E75 and send me a WOM World a test mail. All this took about close to an hour. Setting up the Email and sending a test mail was easy and took only 15-20 minutes.

With this the first challenge is up. I don’t have photos of the same as I’m in NOIDA and my technophobe is back in Pune.

That’s the update from my end. I’m awaiting my next challenge!