Android running on a Nokia N810

Android running on a Nokia N810

We have just learnt through our friends at Nokia Mobile Talk, that Nokia is going to be launching an Android powered smartphone this September. This is a huge change in strategy for Nokia and could possibly be a big game changer.

How it will redefine the everchaning mobile OS landscape, we don’t quite know yet. What we do know is that Symbian is sure to have competition and a lot of it too from Android, the very OS which resulted in it’s separation from Nokia and its formation as a foundation.

Our friends at Nokia Mobile Talk have also given their wishlist of what the Nokia-Android smartphone will be having underneath. They also go on to add in another article what according to them will be the future of S60 within Nokia’s portfolio.

The Guardian, an English newspaper delves into some more details on why this deal has been inked between Nokia and Google. I must say it makes for a very compelling argument.

This news also comes close on the heels of Nokia’s entry into the netbook market with an Android based netbook.

It however makes me ask one question, What of Maemo now?

A few months back Nokia had hired a lot of people for its Maemo platform and now with this Android deal, I am left wondering what is going to happen to Maemo…

What are your thoughts? Let us know.