If you have been following my twitter feed, You must’ve read that I had something big lined up. Well I can’t tell you just yet what it is, but what I can reveal to you is that it revolves around the E75 or rather two of them.

So with great pleasure let me announce to you that I have not one, but two E75s in da house! Don’t worry this is not some statement made in drunken stupor.

The E75 as you know is supposed to be a successor to the 9300 Communicator in a way. It is the next step in the Eseries. Stay tuned to this blog as I give you a complete in depth review of the E75.

Here is the unboxing of the Nokia E75.

Caution: This is no ordinary unboxing so watch the entire thing!

Here are also some photos, clearly showing two E75s


180620091188Click on the photos to see the full size.

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