DSCN4223 With the N97 soon to be out in India, here’s a little something that I thought I should share with you so that when your N97 comes to you, you aren’t left wondering what to do with it and how it works.

Firstly, check out www.n97fanatics.com, this site is run by my dear friend Mike Macias. He is very well known in the blogosphere. You will find a lot of discussion about the N97, which will familiarize you with the N97.

Next up, you should go to http://thenokian97.com/, over here also you will find a lot of news, reviews, and details about the N97 and also softwares for it.

The third site has quite a few photos clicked by the N97, so if you want to check out the camera quality, head on over to http://www.nokian97blog.com/.

The Guru aka Ricky Cadden has also written a post on what he likes about the N97. You must have a read there too. his site’s address is www.symbian-guru.com.

Gerry Moth’s site http://nokiaaddict.com/ is also a must stop. You will find a lot of articles on the N97 and his feelings about the device.

Having visited these sites, I’m sure you’ll be all set with the device. You would know before it came, what it can do and what you want it to do. I’m sure there are many more blogs and websites that have information on the N97. I’ve picked these as they give a lot of quality info. If you think there are blogs I might have missed, leave a comment and let everybody know 🙂

Enjoy your N97!