As you all know I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging. It’s nice to sometimes disconnect from what you like to do. It keeps it from becoming something that you liked to do.

With so much free time on my hands and nothing to do I set about looking through the web for anything interesting to find. Now I’m sure that you all know what’s been happening in the world of mobile phones, a lot of my friends have kept you updated through their blogs.

I won’t cover those things again for you.


Today, however I’d like to talk about a site, Phoload. This website is almost just like any other software store you have been to, almost. There a lot of things that stand out…

1. Easy to use interface

2. Wide variety of applications neatly organized

3. Ability to sort applications according to phone model (a wide choice available)

4. Developer Area

phoload categories

This means that you can easily find an application as per your phone model, easily without searching too much, since the applications are rather nicely organized into various categories. There a lot of applications listed under very category.

application details

Each application has a lot detail available for it, like screenshots, details about the application – what it can do, the download link, a share option – in case you want others to know about this great application, review, and with which phones is it compatible. All of this has been organized very well and makes it easy for a person looking to use an application, since he knows what ever he needs to know. Additionally the website of the developer is also available in case you wish to visit the developer’s website.

I have visited quite a few online stores, but I must say that this store is by far the most customer friendly in terms of browsing. So if you are looking at filling your phone with some applications to make life easy, I suggest you have a look here first, who knows, you might find what you need – for free!

There are demo versions of applications available on the site, so in case you want to buy the full version, there is a link available beside the ‘TYPE’ column, so you can purchase the application.

So, instead of going to forums and downloading some application you are not sure of, go to Phoload, and make an informed choice.

Recently they have added S60 apps to their collection, so if you have an N85 and need some applications and games or even if you own a 5800, you should check this store first! UIQ is also supported!

So if you have a Symbian phone, just go to, i’m sure you’ll find something for your device!