helloHello everyone!

I’m so sorry for not having put up any posts in the last few weeks. I have been very busy with the last few weeks of college and now that college is finally over you will find me blogging more actively here.

These ast few weeks I have had time to also consider the future course for this blog… I will keep you all updated on that! Don’t worry I’m not going to stop writing here or anything like that.

Right now I don’t have anything to post as such, since convocation is in a few days (2nd of May) and till then there are going to be a lot of dinners and luncheons and what not… after all it’s the last time I will be seeing my classmates in a long time.

Post 2nd of May, I will be blogging full time and rest assured you will get a lot to read about.

Stay tuned for all the interesting developments and thank you once again for all your support!