Hello everyone! I’m sorry for not having anything posted on the blog, even though so much has been happening in the world of phones like,

N-Gage releasing games, Nokia Messaging being updated, new bluetooth accessories, Symbian Foundation starting beta trials and Mosh transforming into Ovi store.

I’ve also stayed away from reviewing anything on my blog.

The reason: Last month of my MBA (post graduate program). the two years are coming to an end. I have assignments to finish, papers to write, interviews to sit for and memories to relive and cherish for times to come.

Which is why currently my blog is second or rather last priority for me. Rest assured I’ll be returning to the scene with a review of the Nokia BH-800. The device I won for the S60 Nokia Messaging Campaign.

BTW S60 and Nokia, I haven’t received any swag for S60 or N-Gage Level 2!