ngagemagToday as I was checking my RSS feeds, I came across this interesting piece of news that N-Gage along with Pocket Gamer, had launched a downloadable “Your Guide to N-Gage” magazine.

sporeThis magazine contains reviews of N-Gage titles and  step by step instructions to set up N-Gage on your mobile phone.Also in this issue you will find some screenshots and photos of upcoming games like Spores, Tomb Raider – Underworld, and even Simcity.

ageofmerrrrrrrrrBut probably the biggest bit of news is related to my favourite game title, The  Age of Empires, which will be featuring real multiplayer mode on the N-Gage platform, so you can now actually play AOE3 online with people! I can’t waitt to get my hands on this game for my phone.

Download your copy of the magazine right here.

[Original Source: ZomgitsCj.]