holi-smallToday is Holi, The festival of colours! It is also the day when your precious S60 phone goes inside the cupboard or somwhere safe.

I am sure a lot of you do that. After all who is going to risk the loss of a precious phone. yet, we can’t keep it away also, because you don’t know when you might need it.

I know this feeling, I suffer from it too. Today I am using three phones (3 nos. too) and only of them is a smartphone. You must wonder why aren’t all of them ‘smartphones’. Well the reason is quite simple, I can’t afford 3 smartphones. Today though I found out another reason why I should not upgrade to a smartphone.

My weapon of choice is the black N82. This is the phone which has everything I need on it. But there is one big problem, It’s not water proof.

My other phone is a humble 1200 (great phone) and the simple 3110 Classic. The 1200 is your average basic phone which has a dust proof keypad and has a great battery life. The 3110 classic is your average budget phone with music and camera and all those features. It is also thinner compared to the N82.

So how are they better than the smartphone, you ask? Read on!

Well the 1200 with it’s one piece rubber keypad ensured that no water got into the phone, it was able to take a few splashes of water even though it was wrapped in a plastic bag. An ordinary smartphone would have gone kaput probably.

The 3110 classic is pretty similar to your average smartphone, in the sense it has the similar set of concerns as the smartphone has. but there was one great thing about it, the keypad. With a HUGE keypad, I was able to easily dial numbers and send an occasssional SMS to someone. All this while it too was wrapped in plastic. Mind you the phone did manage to get wet a bit.

Now if this would have been a smartphone and suppose it would have gotten spoilt then it would have been a big problem. I wanted to capture some moments on my trusty N82 but I refrained from carrying it, lest something happen.

Now this fear, prevented me from capturing some really great moments. What a loss for you Nokia.

Now had there been a ruggedized s60 phone from you, This would not have happened. I think there is a niche which exists in India, where such a product or accessory would do great. Imagine a s60 phone which you could tke to Holi without worrying about water and colour issues.

It could be a simple S60 phone, no WiFi, maybe a 2.2″ screen, 3.2MP camera with 1 LED flash, big keypad ala 3110 classic and a memory card and decent battery life.

I most definitely buy it. If not this an accessory which would protect our precious phones from water.  Imagine how many people would buy it. Think how much the device would integrate into our lives, how many unique moments we could capture and upload on Ovi. Nokia is missing a huge opportunity here!

What do you think about this idea? Do you have similar ideas or concepts, Tell us! Leave a comment below…