screenshot0023This part of the review we shall delve into the Maps, Internet, N-Gage and the FM transmitter. You can read the previous parts of the review by clicking on these links:

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Part-3: Software, Music, Battery and Screen

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Without wasting any time let’s get to the review.


The Maps is now a standard feature in most Nokia phones and the same goes for a Nseries phone.

screenshot0019Maps on the N85 is really a good feature to have. However there is a big downside to this application with respect to N85. if you plan to use this where it is sunny, then I’m afraid it’s useless. The AM-OLED screen is just not visible in the sun. You crank up the brightness, but it will be of no help. Only if you can protct the screen from the sunlight is it of use. This means that in a car (if kept properly) it will work great.

screenshot0020I gave it a shot, though I did not load the India map for N85, I tried to see how fast would it lock on to my position using purely the GPS chip. Well the result of which was shocking! The thing took less than 2 minutes to get a lock on my position. That means it was faster than the N96 and the N82 also. from a cold start it takes only about 2 minutes to get a lock on. This is fantastic, I’m sure when you use the Maps with the internet on and everything else, it will be even faster.

screenshot0021What it means is that in case you are lost, you will know where you are in a couple of minutes only. I’m impressed, this is perhaps the tightest integration of Maps I have seen.

I would give it a very high 9.4/10. A good GPS solution in a phone, let down only by AM-OLED screen in the sunlight.


Internet on the N85 is an experience that has changed little since I last reviewed the N96  or any S60 device. I did not find anything different in the N85’s internet experience except for one thing, the screen. The N85’s screen is perhaps the one thing that changes the whole experience in a lot of ways. Here too, the screen made all the difference. I found the colours to be richer, thereby improving the experience considerably. Also it was not a strain to read the small font.

screenshot0017It does not have tabbed browsing, which according to me is a very bad thing. I don’t know if other browsers and platforms have such a feature, but the need of the hour is tabbed browsing.

screenshot0018For everyday browsing and other things the browser is more than adept. I would give it a 8.9/10.


screenshot0022The N-Gage is a pleasure to play on this phone. With dedicated keys for gaming, which by the  way I found to be small and a bit hard for gaming; and the beautiful AM-OLED screen you can enjoy gaming for many hours.

screenshot0023The TFT screen can strain the eyes, but the AM-OLED does not. I found this to be the case when after playing for an hour on the N85, my eyes did not feel tired or strained.

screenshot0025Since the N96 and the N85 are similar in terms of their form factor, I found little difference (apart from the screens) in terms of the gaming. But I must repeat myself by saying that the gaaming keys are a bit too hard for my tastes and I would have liked the N96 keys on this device.

The N85 seems to suffer from the same screen orientation goof up as the N96.  I don’t know what were the N-Gage and/or Nseries people thinking.

screenshot0026I would give the N85 a good 8.9/10. The screen orientation taking the score down by half a point. If gaming is your poison, then the N85 is what you absolutely must have. You can click here to read how the N96 compares to the N85 in this area.

FM Transmitter:

This is a unique feature found in the N85. First seen on the N78, the FM transmitter basically allows you to transmit your music on the FM band that is set by you. You can configure the N85 to transmit over a specific frequency. But please be aware this does not transmit to the entire city. Only to very close objects. These objects will in turn be able to tune in only if they catch your frequency. Perfect of using in the car. I have used this feature a lot in my car. Every time I wanted to hear a song on my phone while driving, I would simply tune the radio and the N85 to a set frequency and voila, my phone would play the music and the my car’s speakers would output it! This is an awesome feature and I love it!

screenshot0027screenshot0028The quality of the streaming music is okay and nothing great. One would really need to turn up the volume to hear the song ‘loudly’. For everyday listening it’s good. A convenient feature. This feature is available in countries that allow such a thing. In India, to the best of my knowledge it is not allowed. So chances are that you will not be having this feature on your phone.

One annoying thing with the transmitter is the amount of disturbance that comes in. At times there is so much disturbance that you probably would prefer not listening to the song. Considering it’s a new technology on phones, I would give it time before it’s perfected and incorporated into other phones.

The N85 gets a good 8.5/10 for providing this cool  solution.

With this comes to an end the review of the Nokia N85, the unofficial flagship of the Nokia Nseries. What do you think of the the N85, is it as good as it has been said by many people. do drop in your comments and let us know what are your thoughts on the N85. we at are eager to hear what you have to say to us.