The Nokia N79 and N85 devices are basically identical, because both bring S60 (3rd Edition FP2), 5 mp cameras, between other features, but there are still some differences between both.

The N85 is a solid phone, with an OLED display, but as far as “The Guru” says at Symbian-Guru.com, the Euro variant started showing some build quality issues within about 2 weeks of use. Nokia sent him an N85 NAM to play with. On that NAM unit he was sent, which was factory-sealed, the build quality was much better. So it would appear that the Nokia N85 NAM has a better built quality than the Euro variant.


“TheGuru” have tried both and he says that he drawn back to the N79 continually. A solid phone and every buttons easy to press are some of the reasons he finds the N79 the best of the two. He also says that the “standard” 2mm Nokia charging port is a must, while the N85 becomes frustrating. The N85 navigation keys are very stiff, while the N79 is much softer when you get used to the raised softkeys and end/send buttons.

Finally, the N79 seems to be the winner. A better built quality, an offer of more customization options, with it’s user-changeable XpressOn covers are the main reasons why we advice to choose this one if you can’t decide which one to choose.  The N85 (Euro variant) is also being reviewed here at adityasphones.wordpress.com.

Source: Symbian-Guru

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