dscn4118-small1With the first part of the review talking about the design aspect of the phone, this part of the review will emphasize on the lighting aspect of the Nokia N85.  The N85 performed rather well on that front. It is definitely the handset which has it’s eyes set on the crown on N96’s head.

Let’s now look at the lighting aspect of the device.


The back lighting on the N85 is the best on any phone so far. By using the AM-OLED screen, Nokia has not only increased the battery life on this baby, but also made the screen very easily readable. Seeing things on the N85’s screen is a pleasure and this device begs you to crank up the brightness to the maximum. If you think that is too much, you can settle for lower brightness, and the screen still looks great.

The one thing I disliked about OLED screens is the fact that readability suffers in direct sunlight. I was just not able to read stuff on the screen. I would give the N85 an honorable 8.8/10.

dscn4120-small1Notification Light:

It is really nice to see that the Eseries’ notification light feature has been carried over to the Nokia N85. The notification light on the N85 is good and not harsh on the eyes. It is an extremely useful feature to have if your phone is on ‘silent’ most of the time. A strong 9/10 for the device on this parameter.

Keypad Lighting:dscn4122-small1

The N85 scores very highly here too. I found the lighting on the N85 uniform and at no place did the light seem to ‘leak’ out. The ‘call’ and ‘end’ keys are lit very nicely, and I must say that I am a fan of it. All the keys including the camera and volume keys are well lit too. Everything is clearly legible in absolute darkness even. They are soft and not harsh on the eyes. Even the when the lights switch off, they seem to be bowing out at the end of a performance. I must say that I am slowly looking at the N85 as a replacement to my N82 (must resist!). The N85 gets a 9/10 in this parameter. One does not need to say anything more.