The N-Gage “Reset Generation” Campaign which began somewhere in mid October, finally came to a close on the 19th of January, 2009. This campaign was all about showcasing the N-Gage platform to the people and showing them what the N-Gage could do. This was also about S60 in a way. The promotion of N-Gage also helped the ambassadors in promoting S60 (My mobile OS of choice) to everybody out there.

I took part in the global campaign too. The prizes for being in the top 50, 10 full version N-Gage games. With the results now out and viewable on S60 Blogs ‘Living’. I am proud to let you know that I was ranked 30th overall for this campaign. I now will be getting to choose 10 N-Gage titles of my choice from various genres.

The fine people at S60 are planning another campaign around N-Gage. Don’t miss out on it, this time. Register at S60 by clicking here, it’s free. The rules of the game are mentioned on the website. Be sure to have read them. If you love S60, promote it! Just don’t forget to tell them who introduced you to it! 😛