ravindras-postRavindra, a good friend and a fellow blogger at Symbian Stories has come up with a very interesting section called “Mobile Photography”. Here is what he has to say about this new section.

I’m having the two top most imaging performers(N82 and N95 8GB) in hand I thought of starting this new section dedicated to mobile photographers.So in this I will post my own photos and the ones I receive from my readers,with few lines of description and explanation on any other photography techniques used.So if you think you have snapped something artistic make sure you send them on to this new “Best of Mobile Photography” section.

So if you have clicked a few photographs and were amazed by the results, this is the place to show it to the world. I know I will be doing it. If you haven’t clicked something interesting, now’s your chance to do some phontography!

The details of how to send your photos to Symbian Stories is mentioned on Ravindra’s post and here is the link for the same.

If the response is good, it might turn into a competition too! So have a look at it!