Resco productsWith the review of Resco Photo Viewer done, its time for focusing on Resco News Reader.

How many times have you wanted to read the news or any article on your favourite website, but did not, because of high data costs? or even because of slow internet speeds or because you were too lazy to type out the address? There must have been many times when either of the three or even all three must have stopped you from firing away your web browser.

I have faced a similar problem, I love to be able to do things on my N82, but since it is not a QWERTY device, many a times I stop short of starting the web browser because I don’t feel like typing the address and waiting ages for the website to download. All this changed after I got to check out the Resco News Reader. The Resco news Reader is perhaps the only application that I know of, which fetches the content from a host of websites, blogs and what not so that you don’t have to type anything anywhere. Just start the application, subscribe to the feeds you want and let the application do the rest.

Now you might ask, why should I use this application when I have the built in RSS reader in the S60 web browser? The answer is simple, Resco offers you a built in library of feeds covering everything from news, views, reviews to entertainment, technology, financial markets, etc. Almost all the major news channels, newspapers, blogs are included in the application. This means you most probably will not have to manually type in any website and go there and subscribe to their feeds. Believe me on this that it saves a whole lot time for you. I have used the built in RSS reader for S60 web browser and its nice, but it is too lengthy a process to subscribe to a feed. Resco on the other hand is brilliant and really efficient. In case a blog or website of your choice is not there, you can add it under a new channel or a category. This application does not limit you to only its library.

If you need to be constantly updated about certain bits of news or you would like to read on what’s happening around the world, Resco News Reader is a great application. I read the news through this application only now a days.

Resco News Reader understands that data costs in some countries is high, and so before you update any of the subscribed feeds, it pops a question asking whether it can connect to the internet or not, and the data transmission will cost you. This is a good feature since it does not automatically connect to the internet everytime and update the feeds you have subscribed to. Resco also offers many options in its settings. You can choose whether you want photographs to be downloaded or not in the feeds. Once you allow it to go online, it downloads all the content relatively quickly. Probably the only chink in its armor is the fact that, when it is downloading the content, the application cannot be used. It becomes unusable for tht period of time, this means that if you want to add or delete the feeds, you will have to wait for the downloading to get over. This is a little bit irritating and I am hoping that future versions will not have this problem.

If suppose a particular article excites you, then you simply click on “Read full story” link near the date of that article and it will connect to the internet and take you directly to that article. This is again is a very carefully though feature which makes this application relevant and a time saver. I guess the motto of Resco News Reader is “why type when you can click!”, because most of the operations are achieved by just using the D-pad.

A surprise feature that hides in this application is ‘Memory info’. This is the same feature that was there in Resco Photo Viewer if you remember. This feature allows you to check how much memory is there on you phone (phone memory and memory card) and along with that it also shows you how much RAM you have free. Normally for this you would have to buy or use a 3rd party application.

There is hardly anything going against this application. The UI is different from the standard S60 interface and I found it to be a pleasant change from the standard format. The Resco News Reader is indeed is a good buy. It ’s fast, highly customizable and a great application for reading the news on the go.

I would give this application an overall score of 8.5/10. It has the potential to become a killer application. I do hope that it is developed more to support videos too in the future, which is the only thing it lack right now.

The application works on all S60 3rd Edition phones. You can download a trial version of Resco Photo Viewer and Resco News Reader from here.