We all know of the capabilities of the Nokia N82’s camera. It is the imaging king when it comes to mobile phones. The xenon flash makes it a real capable substitute for a ‘point and shoot’ camera when you need one. Let’s face it Nokia, this by far the best camera module you have had since the N73 and the N93. The Xenon flash makes it an even more potent.

I don’t need to tell you about the quality of photos the n82 clicks in pitch dark, there are many website flush with photos of N82’s imaging capabilities in the dark. What I will show you though is the quality of photos it clicks when a few settings are changed here and there. The pictures clicked were taken from a rooftop restaurant called “The O” which is situated in Koregaon Park, Pune, India. These photographs were clicked in the night where there was very very dim lighting.

It seems hard to believe that the N82 clicked these photographs. The night landscape has been captured really well by this mobile phone. This just proves that the N82 is really an imaging king. Not only does it capture good detail in a dark room, it also captures good detail in the night!

Now let me tell you the changes I made in the settings to effect such images. I am sure some of you could get even better images by tweaking the settings a little bit more.

Scene Mode –> Night
Flash Mode –> (automatically goes off in Night mode)
Colour Tone –> Vivid
Viewfinder Grid –> (this really helped for me)
Exposure Compensation –> 1
Sharpness –> Soft
Contrast –> One notch down

The images are resized version of the original photographs. To see the original ones please click here.
Have you been able to click similar or even better quality images? Leave your comments below and let everybody know.