Cj reported yesterday that the NSU website had undergone a makeover. I had to check it out for myself. nsusite

These small changes that Nokia is doing will be reflecting how Nokia wants to be perceived in the the year to come and preparing itself for the new devices too. If you look at the makeover given to the NSU site you will find that it has become more touchscreen friendly. This means if you were to be browsing that site on your spanking new 5800, you would have a better experience.The site has a lot of changes. Firstly, you are now presented with a photo that tells you what improvements does the software update bring for your phone. Pretty nifty I think, finally now the average Nokia buyer will know what the update does to his phone without having to go through the change-log (techies beware! this list will not satisfy you!)

nsusite2Below on the NSU homepage(picture above) you will also find a row of Nokia phones neatly segregated into Nseries, Eseries and the numbered series. Click on the series and then the phone of your choice; it will show you what the new firmware brings to your phone.

nsu_n82You can also choose to be updated by Nokia over the new firmwares and the changes it brings to the phones. Below that you will also find instructions to download the new firmware over the air (OTA).  Let me tell you that the firmware revisions are also available OTA and they are nowhere as big as the ones we have on the PC. So if you are refraining from usin OTA firmware updates, now you can give it a shot!