This review has been long pending and every time I have been looking at writing it something has come in the way and I have had to postpone this review.

So without wasting any further time let me get down to what is Resco Photo Viewer all about.

Resco Photo Viewer (RPV) is a third party application that handles your photos, it pretty much does the job of the ‘Gallery’ option in the phone. But is that all? Well no. Resco Photo Viewer is a lot more. In the time I have had it, I have found RPV to be a good performer. The biggest strength of RPV is the quick load time. The application works fast, in some cases faster than the native photo viewing application that is there in S60. Score for Resco here.

Lets look further into this application. RPV allows its user many viewing modes of the library of photos, from thumbnail views to list views, it has it all. This is really a good thing, since many a times one is used to or prefers a different type of viewing experience. This is something that is not present in the native S60 application.

Once you start the application, the application, on the top left corner will display a few icons. The first is the application’s own icon, the second icon shows what type of memory storage is it accessing (memory card or phone memory) and the third shows the kind of view that has been selected.

Resco Photo Viewer has all the same options that the native photo viewing application in S60 has. This means you can set a photo as a wallpaper and/or assign it to a contact too. But what really sets Resco apart from the default S60 photo viewer is the wide gamut of customization options within the application. You can change so many things within this application, that I began wondering why S60’s native photo viewer was not developed further to sport these options?

Resco Photo Viewer has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, from within the application you can set default viewer options for each of the many file types supported by it. So if you want to view jpegs from within RPV and the others in S60 native application you can do so. This means that when you select a jpeg to view from the File Manager, the image will automatically launch Resco. The functions of ‘Gallery’ are not affected, all images will still continue to show up there. This in my view is an excellent implementation and allows the user to be able to use both the applications. Still another area where Resco Photo Viewer scores over the native photo viewing application within S60 is the kind of details it shows when you view an image. The details of every image is displayed in a yellow colour in the left hand corner of the image.

Editing on the application is good but limited. The amount of options found in S60 for editing a photo are more. But the implementation in Resco is much better (Kudos for really doing a great job on it). All the options are easily accessible and you don’t have to keep on going back and forth like one has to in S60. I honestly wish Resco can get more options to the application, the current options are few. If you need to do some quick editing in terms of exposure and RGB balance you will find this to be perfect. The only thing missing is the option to save the image under another name. I wonder how this went missing. Editing is definitely easier on this application, now if there could only be more options! This application would become ‘the’ application to have for imaging needs for many users.

That brings to an end the review of the Resco Photo Viewer. Oh no wait! there is one little feature I forgot about. This application has a neat little feature which allows it’s user to see the amount of free space that is available on his/her device. It also shows the amount of RAM that is free. It is simply amazing! Imagine if you wanted to know know how much space you have left on your phone, you don’t exit the application, rather you simply go to ‘Help’ and within that you select the ‘Memory Info’ option and voila! you are looking at it. I loved the fact that you can even see how much RAM is free too!

At end, I would only like to tell you that, if you are looking at buying this application, you should! There is hardly anything going against this application. The UI is different from the standard S60 interface and I found it to be a pleasant change from the standard format, even more effective in some places! The Resco Photo viewer indeed is a good buy. It ‘s fast, highly customizable and a great application for viewing photos.
I would give this application an overall score of 8.9/10. It has all the ingredients of becoming a killer application.

The application works on all S60 3rd Edition phones. So Eseries users this would be a good buy if you want to get rid of that tint in your photos!
Below are a slew of photos of the application.